Going Beyond “Status Quo” Supply Chains

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Apr 21 - Apr 21

We’re living through a perfect storm in manufacturing. The past year has disrupted operations in a way that has not been seen before. However, even absent outside events, the writing was already on the wall for status-quo inventory management pre-COVID. Supply chain teams have long been mired in manual spreadsheet reporting, constant shortage firefighting, and reactive problem solving.

Customer-driven supply chains are—according to the Wall Street Journal—finally “snapping back” and creating a “mess” for global manufacturers. Customers continue to demand mass customization and top-notch delivery. President Biden’s recent executive order calls for new resiliency to be baked into our supply chains. All the while, the challenges of COVID-19 persist.

While the temptation is great to return to the “old normal,” that could be the last decision your company would make.

It’s time to build long-lasting agility into inventory management processes. Now is the time to look critically at the systems, processes, and tools in place that aren’t cutting it anymore. Factory operations are ripe for disruption, and the way forward will be customer-driven and agility-focused.

In this webinar, 30-year lean manufacturing expert and entrepreneur Richard Lebovitz is joined by Supply Chain Technology Influencer and Consultant Bob Ferrari, and Vice President of Global Operations at Ingersoll Rand Paul Aram. They will discuss how to move past the status quo and not just to emerge from the storm, but to power ahead into the new and different seas beyond.

You’ll learn:

Why (and how) planning alone falls short today
The power of advanced analytics and AI-driven actions for today’s challenges
How to implement the new hybrid model for inventory management and optimization