Innovate the Future of Work: A Design Thinking Case Study

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Jan 14 - Jan 14

Design Thinking is a human-centric approach focused on understanding human’s needs first then design an effective solution to meet those needs. Design Thinking fosters creative thinking and facilitates innovations and teamwork. Lean Six Sigma offers problem-based thinking focusing on identifying the root cause of the problem and apply critical thinking to solve problems incrementally. Design Thinking on the other hand offers solution-based thinking focusing on creative thinking to drive innovation. This presentation aims to improve our understanding of what design thinking for innovation is and under which conditions it can be implemented successfully. It discusses design thinking for innovation in the broader perspective of organizational culture with a case study to drive employee's experience in the virtual world.

The way we work has shifted quicker than anyone could have imagined. Before COVID-19, a transformation had already begun to steer toward digital technologies, but the global health crisis has greatly accelerated this change. The human resource department around the world faced an enormous challenge to drive employee experience while transforming the future of work at a rapid speed. Innovative solutions are needed for organizations to continue to adapt and ensure their workplaces, employees, and customers remain safe during these challenging times. In this presentation, we’ll explore the application of the design thinking framework to innovate the future of work to adapt to new workplace requirements and needs.