Kaizen Live!

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Oct 02 - Oct 04
Indianapolis, IN

Site Visit Experience & Workshop at Franciscan St. Francis Health

Since 2007, Franciscan St. Francis Health has engaged staff to implement and document almost 30,000 improvements, both large and small. They have improved the patient experience, quality, and safety, while creating a better workplace and saving millions of dollars. The NICU, for example, has dramatically increased patient/family satisfaction and their manager attributes this to their Kaizen process and ideas that were implemented by their staff.

You’ve read about “Healthcare Kaizen” and Franciscan’s success with continuous improvement. Now, come visit this Indianapolis-based health system to hear about and see Kaizen in practice for two full days on October 3 and 4, 2019.

In this 2-day workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Learn from Joe Swartz about his ten+ years at Franciscan spent teaching Kaizen practices and coaching staff and leaders, as Director of Business Transformation
Also learn from Mark Graban about how to get started with Kaizen, based on his experience helping health systems around the world with Lean and continuous improvement
Hear directly from Franciscan St. Francis executives and leaders, as they explain their critical role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement, lessons learned, and more
Visit departments (such as pharmacy, NICU, endoscopy, etc.) in small groups to see and hear about Kaizen in practice
See how Kaizen and MDI (Managing for Daily Improvement) work together
See and hear about Kaizen improvements from the people who implemented them
Learn about how they use technology to spread and share improvements across three sites
Participate in discussions about your own active (or planned) continuous improvement journey
Enjoy a group dinner the evening of October 2 and an optional gathering the evening of October 3
Our goal is to minimize the amount of time in didactic lecture mode and to maximize the amount of time spent in discussions, gemba visits, and Q&A sessions. You’ll have unprecedented access to Franciscan leaders and staff and you’ll have a great opportunity to really see and feel what a culture of continuous improvement looks like.

This workshop is designed for C-level executives, vice presidents and directors, continuous improvement staff, physician leaders, and more. You can get a special rate by bringing a group of three or more to learn and experience this together.

You will also have access to an hour-long “Intro to Kaizen” online course that will provide an introduction to these topics. We recommend completing this online work before the workshop to maximize your on-site experience.