Leading Through Excellence and Innovation

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May 06 - May 09
Melbourne, Australia

At the 2019 conference we will explore the most successful best practice methodologies being used by operational excellence practitioner​s to promote change at all levels of the organisation. With the theme Empowering Organisational Change and Transformation, Leading through Excellence and Innovation 2019 will help attendees to:
* Understand how the magic of Lean and other continuous improvement methodologies can radically improve their business, no matter how diverse the application may seem at first glance.
* Understand, identify and overcome barriers to change.
* Develop new ways of thinking.
* Increase the engagement among their teams.
* Develop a thriving continuous improvement culture.
* Empower their team members to contribute in ways they never thought possible.
* Learn how new innovative, intelligent technologies can be used and leveraged by their enterprise today.