Lean Safety

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May 21 - May 22
Davenport, IA

A common requirement to attain either world class Lean or world-class safety is the ongoing engagement of the workforce. Lean thinkers all agree that it is this culture-changing employee engagement activity that leads to long-term lean success. Too often Lean has been used as a cost savings methodology by management and as a result, gaining employee interest and buy-in can be difficult.

This workshop suggests a different path to Lean success – a safe path. By using some of the common tools in a lean thinker’s toolbox and focusing on safety instead of cycle time you can easily start to build an understanding and the acceptance of Lean while you improve safety in your facility. Safety compliance (OSHA) is the focal point of most safety programs. Reacting to injuries and near misses is the norm. Yet an opportunity exists to proactively engage the workforce in a meaningful safety improvement program.

Day one of this 2-day workshop will be held in a classroom. On day two the attendees will be formed into safety kaizen blitz teams and will work on the shop floor (gemba).

Attendees will fully understand the strong link between Lean and safety improvement activities

Workshop will engage attendees in activities that will enable them to have a direct impact on employee safety when they return to their facility

Attendees will leave with an understanding of ergonomic-related injury risks and how by eliminating them you can reduce process cycle times