Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

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Oct 22 - Oct 25

At JourniTech we train practitioners. We use a hands-on, computer-based simulation as the thread for the entire course. We use this simulation to afford you the opportunity to utilize each tool immediately after learning the concept. Our aim is to turn theory into practice.
It is highly recommended that you have a project idea to work on concurrently with the course. This allows us to discuss and learn from each other as we work through real projects. If you do not have a project prior to signing up for the course, don’t worry, we will help by teaming you with another student or assisting in finding a project. The goal is to have you certified by the end of the course.
JourniTech uses the Department of Defense, American Society for Quality and Program Management Institute Bodies of Knowledge as the foundation of our curriculum. We are the gold standard.