THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018
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Event Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Event Date(s): Dec 24 - Dec 28, 2017

Event Type: Certification

Anexas Consultancy – Riyadh (Naquel Training Center)

Samena Building, 1st Floor, Office 21 Eastern Ring Road, Exit 17
Riyadh, 11625
Saudi Arabia

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About This Event:

Six Sigma is a process in which individuals are trained and certified in a methodology that will help companies Organize, Analyze and Improve their overall business operation. This will help to make them more efficient and more profitable. In the hierarchal structure of Six Sigma, there are different levels of certification that pertain to the degree of proficiency and level of expertise and understanding of the theories of this business management strategy. These levels are referred to as belts. The highest level is the Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt or MBB, is a person who has achieved the highest degree of training and certification in the entire 6 Sigma process. They will be able to go into any company regardless of the area of manufacture or service and be able to help improve the overall flow of business. By doing this the company will not only save a lot of money in many cases, millions of dollars per year, but also create an environment of efficiency that lasts.

Consumers will also benefit from a Master Black Belt working within a corporation. As a result of the implementation of the methodologies, continuous improvements, reduced cycle times, lowered costs per unit and increased quality, the consumer will often receive higher quality goods and services for a reduced cost.

Because of their high degree of expertise and training, Master Black Belts are highly sought after in the business world. They can be the life breath that saves a company from going bankrupt. These individuals have typically studied for years to attain this high level of education and understanding. This not only makes them highly valuable employees but also rare in the world of business.

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