LEAN496 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

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May 31 - Jun 07

Because we truly believe in providing our clients with the "right tools for the job," SigmaPro offers an additional specialization for industrial Black Belts. Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Industrial Candidates training course delivers the traditional tools of DMAIC, SigmaPro's proprietary tools and methods, and state of the art Lean Six Sigma tools, all effectively and seamlessly integrated to form a powerful improvement approach for industrial projects. Lean Six Sigma tools and methods have a high success rate in industrial applications. All participants receive a thorough exposure to the tools and methods that are necessary to successfully lead and contribute to Lean Six Sigma improvement projects in an industrial environment. Hands-on exercises and tutorials are utilized to ensure rapid learning and knowledge retention. This 15-day program is delivered in three blocks of four days (typically one month between training blocks) in order to allow participants to apply the tools and methods to a project in their own business while being coached by of one of SigmaPro’s highly qualified Master Black Belts.