Manufacturers – 3 Steps to Accelerate Continuous Improvement with Predictive Analytics

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Mar 24 - Mar 24

Advanced Industrial Analytics enables manufacturers to identify real problems, quantify their financial impact and solve them within weeks, not months.

In an ideal world, long-term breakthroughs should flow from your continuous improvement process, but Gemba walks, Kaizen events and Six Sigma techniques are often manual efforts focused on past performance data. There is a better way to leverage these efforts.

Advanced Industrial Analytics—enabled by machine learning—uses real-time data to predict and automate continuous improvement opportunities that cut costs and increase efficiency.

Join GrayMatter Senior VP and Co-Founder Carson Drake at 2 p.m. ET March 24 to learn how industrial professionals create predictions that enhance product quality and throughput, cut energy consumption, extend industrial asset life and reduce equipment downtime.

In this one hour free event, you will learn how to:

Identify the ideal metrics to optimize in your industrial environment;
Quantify your ROI from adopting a predictive approach to continuous improvement;
Envision potential solutions and estimate costs, scalability and time to value;
Build an internal business use case to create buy-in.