Measures of Success

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Apr 16 - Apr 16
Minneapolis, MN

The metric has gone up since last month – should we celebrate? Does that mean we have a trend and we’re on the right track? Oh no, that metric is down and is now worse than our goal – should we react and look for a root cause?

The answers to those questions could be yes, no, or maybe.

Join Mark Graban for a full day’s workshop focused on improvement methodologies, with methods applicable to any industry, that will help you be more effective in driving improved performance in your organization. You might think of it as a way to improve your improvement system, especially in the context of strategy deployment and/or Lean daily management.


In the morning, we will start with core concepts from Mark’s latest book, Measures of Success. You’ll learn to distinguish signal (significant changes) from noise (routine fluctuations) in performance metrics, helping you to react less, lead better, and improve more. Instead of reacting to every up and down, we can make better use of our limited time at work to focus and prioritize improvement activities. Attendees will participate in the famed “Red Bead Experiment,” a fun way to bring these lessons to life.