Monte Carlo Simulation & Optimization for Robust Design with DiscoverSim

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Oct 20 - Oct 20

In this webinar we will introduce robust design by optimizing the spring force of a shut off valve (example by Andrew Sleeper). If the spring force is too high, the valve will not open or stay open. If the spring force is too low, the valve can be opened by the inlet gas pressure.

In order to achieve a robust product design, we would like to address the following questions:

  • What is the predicted process capability?
  • What are the key X variables that influence spring force Y?
  • Can we improve the process capability by tightening the tolerance of the important variables?
  • Can we adjust the nominal settings of X to reduce the transmitted variation in Y, thereby making the Spring Force robust to the variation due to feature tolerances?

Monte Carlo simulation and global optimization tools in DiscoverSim software will be used to help answer these questions and to achieve a dramatic reduction in variation!


  • Case Study: Robust Design of Shut-Off Valve Spring Force
  • DiscoverSim Software
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Selecting a Distribution
  • Optimization for Robust Design