Moving Manufacturing Beyond Lean with Digitalization and IIoT

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May 01 - May 01

Many manufacturers have leaned out their processes so that the product physically flows efficiently down the line. But what about digitally? Can they look at all their data and glean insights from it? Do they digitally capture all the data they need to perform a thorough analysis to go beyond lean? According to Gartner, the answer is no. They estimate that 70% of all the shop floor data goes unused and much of the problem is that it’s not directly usable in the paper form that it’s in or it’s trapped in the machines on the shop floor.

AutomaTech Technical Director, Matt Bernhard and GE Digital Senior Product Manager, Joe Gerstl will discuss how manufacturers can surpass the performance plateaus of lean manufacturing, by leveraging IIoT technologies such as Manufacturing Execution Systems.

By joining this webinar you’ll learn how leading manufacturers such as Toray Plastics, Nestle, and GE Aviation have embraced these powerful tools to:

  • Deliver insights to the right people at the right time
  • Adapt to meet your customer demands
  • Drive short term and long term decisions around equipment, people, suppliers, and more