Root Cause Analysis Tips for Manufacturing – When Virtual Is the Only Option

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Mar 02 - Mar 02

A world-class company needs manufacturing plants to be more than just operational—they need to be productive, efficient and flexible to respond to changing business conditions. The recent COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated this clearly, particularly with the critical troubleshooting and maintenance operations required to keep plants running.

When machinery breaks down today, troubleshooters often cannot physically be in front of what needs fixing due to health or remote-work restrictions. Human senses are essential to gather data to diagnose a problem. When troubleshooters are constrained by the quality of a camera lens and the ability to hear, feel and smell must be relayed through non-expert on-site personnel, the ability to gather accurate data for quick resolution can be greatly compromised.

You need a different set of skills and processes to effectively troubleshoot when virtual is the only option. Access to a resolution will depend on the level of quality in two areas:

  1. A definitive and clear problem-solving process, focused on the data that can be accessed
  2. Effective tactics to gain access, confirm data and test the diagnosis

Chad Player and Sam Bernstine of Kepner-Tregoe a Root Cause Consulting Firm have extensive experience navigating the roadblocks of our pandemic reality through to many successful resolutions. Through their experience you will learn:

  • What problem-solving skills are at the top of the list when virtual is the only option
  • How to develop a plan to focus time/effort/cost on the data that matters
  • Key essentials on developing effective tactics to access the data