Strategy of Mixture Experimentation

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Jul 17 - Jul 17

Join chemical engineers Mark Anderson (lead presenter) and Pat Whitcomb, co-authors of the DOE/RSM/Formulation Simplified trilogy*, for a briefing on design of experiments (DOE) for mixtures.

Mark and Pat will provide valuable tips and tricks for formulation development tailored to Six Sigma. Via real-world examples, they will present experiment-design and modeling methods for mixtures that ultimately lead to the “sweet spot”—a formulation meeting all product specifications.

In conclusion, Mark and Pat will lay out tools to make the winning recipe robust via advanced tools for minimizing propagation of error (POE) and framing the ideal formulation window with confidence or, stronger yet, tolerance intervals.

This webinar is a must for Six-Sigma experts from all industries, but particularly those who produce or purchase products that depend on chemistry, such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paints and the like.

* Productivity Press (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group), New York, NY.