The Foundational Change Toolkit for Quality Professionals

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Jan 25 - Jan 25

Every manager involved with Quality, regardless of industry sector, will(?) agree on the validity of this simple statement, “Quality is an ongoing process. There’s no final destination where we can stop and rest on our laurels.”

This statement comes with a hidden imperative.

This is evident in the overlapping S-Curves in Maturity models. We reach Quality limits within existing approaches and must shift to new process to achieve greater levels of quality.

Each process shift requires a Change to processes that allowed us to achieve existing Quality levels. This means that while much of Quality Assurance is about making sure processes become part of the Culture, there is a critical requirement for bringing Change about, sometimes having to disrupt processes and cultures that have resulted in huge gains with respect to Quality.


This webinar will address two topics.

1 – The Virginia Satir Change Process – with attention paid to the inevitable connection to Maturity Models.

2 – A Template for communicating any type of Change.

Who should attend? Anyone and everyone mandated to make things better.

Takeaways: The additions to their Quality Assurance Toolkit they will take away?

1 – An understanding of a Change Process Model that explains WHERE resistance originates, and the different phases involved in accepting a Change – whether it is externally imposed, or internally demanded.

2 – A Communications framework supported by the Change Model, that focuses on the key questions underlying the resistance to ANY Change and the need to tailor management responses to those questions that are unique to their Change Initiative.