Tools and Strategies to Recover After Disruption

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Jun 16 - Jun 16

The critical process tools and strategies that can ensure business continuity and increase efficiency

Learn how to leverage the unique processes that help you track and manage your organization in the current crisis and become more adaptable to change in the future

In a world disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, a remote workforce and disparate operations have become the new norm, making it difficult for leaders to track how their businesses are evolving during the crisis.

Join this webinar to find out how your organization can improve disrupted operations. Our presenters will explore pivotal tools and strategies used by large-scale organizations to maintain continuity of operations and unlock greater efficiency.

Discover how these tools can be used to create adaptive operations that will enable your business to respond quickly and efficiently to change in the future.

By attending the webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Track and manage your workforce, whether they are remote or in-office
  • Quickly extend core systems to handle new, unique processes required to manage disruption
  • Provide leadership real-time visibility into organization-wide performance
  • Automate and optimize new, unique workflows