What’s Your M4.0 Readiness? Unleash the Power of Data to Drive Better Plant Performance

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Jun 17 - Jun 17

Industry turbulence and systematic disruptions are never-ending challenges facing businesses. Enterprise resilience is perhaps the single most significant differentiator determining success in today’s business climate.

In this environment, businesses must be able to rapidly adapt to the changing needs of their customers as well as unknown circumstances. This requires the ability for agile redeployment of assets and visibility into the manufacturing process to identify bottlenecks, low asset utilization, and subpar performance and quality. Identifying these vulnerabilities and adapting quickly becomes the essence of resilient manufacturing. These efforts extend far beyond traditional risk management and risk mitigation techniques to ensure the company responds while continuing to move forward. Adoption of Manufacturing 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies can be key enablers for achieving company-wide resilience.

Join us in this webinar, where you will learn:

  • The status of Manufacturing 4.0 investment in North America as part of FORCAM’s quarterly survey series
  • The story behind Howmet Aerospace’s (formerly Arconic) harnessing the value of M.40 and IIoT technology to drive business results and how they rank in the Data Maturity model
  • How you rank in the global Digital Transformation race based on a Data Maturity Model
  • How to focus on real-time data collection to promote resilient, agile production processes
  • How to ensure proper integration of technologies from the top to the shop floor to standardize business insight around a single source of truth.