How Reputation Works

Reputation is a rough measurement of how much you contribute to the community and how much the community trusts your contributions. You can only gain reputation if you register for an account (there are benefits).

Reputation is earned through various activities. Basic use of the site, including signing in, commenting on articles, asking or answering questions in the discussion forum, and having your articles published are some of the ways to earn reputation. The more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain on iSixSigma.

Earning Reputation

2 Point – Sign into your account, daily
1 Point – Update your status
3 Points – Start a discussion
2 Points – Answer a question
1 Points – Complete a friend request
5 Points – Upload an avatar (picture of yourself)
1 Point – Send a message to a friend
2 Points – Comment on an article
2 Points – Comment on an blog post
5 Points – Suggest a dictionary term
20 Points – Post a blog
100 Points – Have one of your articles published
100 Points – Video interview or masterclass

A Few Words About Editorial Discretion

If an editor notices either constructive or destructive behavior in the community, s/he has the ability to add or remove points at will.

Rising in Rank

0-500 Points Aluminum
501-1,000 Copper
1,001-2,500 Silver
2,500-5,000 Titanium
5,000-10,000 Gold
10,001+ Platinum

But I’ve Been a Discussion Forum Member for Years!

Yes, we know, and we are grateful. Find your oldest forum post from the “Old Forums” and we will grant you 100 points for every year you have been a member. And if you have articles published, send us an email and let us know where they are and we’ll add them to your profile so you get credit for them.

Achieving Badges

When you do something consistently with very high quality, you may earn a badge. You will likely see them pop up on profiles of your friends or colleagues for doing the right thing.