Deployment Health

How to Revive Your Lean Six Sigma Deployment

The Six Sigma world is filled with stories reiterating the importance of leadership focus when implementing Lean Six Sigma. However, the continuous improvement landscape is also littered with examples of Lean Six Sigma programs that were implemented in full force to start with and then were slowly abandoned after they had spread to other departments…


How Can Lean Users Sustain Gains?

How’s your Lean initiative doing? Is it going great? Or is it starting to lose steam? Or is it clearly failing to meet expectations? Have you given up and gone back to the not-so “good old days” from which you had hoped to escape? These are questions I see a lot of firms both asking…

Using Six Sigma to Fix a Deployment In Progress

When looking at a company-wide Six Sigma program and key success factors, it is important to have not only a good strategy for deployment, but also for evaluating the results and making necessary adjustments for improvement. Development work should continue as long as the program exists. No program is ever perfect, and no program is…