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Implementation Deployment Structure

Deployment Structure

A New Year Parable: Six Sigma and the Three Bears, Inc.

The experiences encountered working with Six Sigma deployment leaders in several business units of Three Bears, Inc., the large multi-national organization, illustrate some of the issues found in trying to get the porridge "just right."

Activities vs. Performance: The Procedure/Audit Dilemma

Including compliance audits and procedures in work processes lowers cost, time, and risk and improves quality. Trained Black and Green Belts use process and measurement tools to refine and maintain control of compliance programs and avoid redundancy.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Deploying and Implementing Six Sigma

David Silverstein of BMGI discusses the details of a Six Sigma deployment.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Large and Small Deployments

Joe De Feo, President and Executive Coach at Juran Institute, offers his views on deploying Six Sigma in large and small companies alike.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – Six Sigma Vision

Praveen Gupta, CEO of Quality Technology Company, explores the topic of Six Sigma vision — from visions for SixSigma initiatives and building support with “quick wins” to alternatives to the ubiquitous vision and mission statements.

Ask the Expert: The Topic – The Way We Work

Mike Carnell of CS International discusses how organizations can internalize and incorporate Six Sigma.

Business Leaders’ FAQ on Europe Six Sigma Deployment

Business leaders who are considering implementing a Lean Six Sigma program need answers to a wide variety of questions. Here are the answers to questions that business leaders most frequently ask about European Lean Six Sigma deployments.

Choose the Right Process Improvement Methodology [VIDEO] – With Joe De Feo

Most people know what it means to improve a process, but which improvement methodology is best for your organization: Lean, Six Sigma, theory of constraints, PDCA or some other framework?

Course Correction? Tips for Doing a Deployment Review

Sometimes the results from a Lean Six Sigma deployment do not meet a company's hopes or expectations. A formal deployment review, much like a tollgate review on an individual project, may help.

Embedding Belts in Business Functions Can Help Maintain Project Benefits

For Six Sigma to succeed, an organization must consider life beyond projects. This is why it can be beneficial to embed Black Belts in business units, where they can monitor processes regularly, collect feedback and make sound, data-based decisions.

Improving Lean Six Sigma Process with Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is used to address a variety of processes. Why not the Lean Six Sigma process itself? Lean Six Sigma can be applied to minimize Lean Six Sigma's own internal costs and assure the best quality from the standpoint of its customers.

Install the Four Pillars of a Quality Organization to Create Better Products

Producing quality products requires a number of actions. Companies may find it helpful to organize these actions under the four pillars of quality: developmental quality, industrial quality, supplier quality and customer quality.

Is Six Sigma Enough?

The speed and effectiveness of each partner in the total value chain determines the success of the overall stream as it competes against other value chains. Integrating multiple improvement methodologies might be necessary to reach your efficiency goals and complete in today's economy.

Process Improvement for Lean Six Sigma Program Too

A Lean Six Sigma program is a dynamic process and needs to be systematically and objectively reviewed for opportunities to improve. Continuous process improvement is applicable to the Lean Six Sigma deployment in the same way it is to other processes.

Six Steps to Effectively Plan for Lean Six Sigma Efforts

Follow these six steps to successfully launch – and maintain – a continuous improvement program.

Successful Six Sigma Deployment

Six Sigma deployment success is built on an infrastructure foundation. Learn to align projects to business strategy, and use a balanced DMAIC framework as your key to successful Six Sigma deployment.

The Implementation Plan – Getting Beyond the Quick Fix

To ensure projects have a lasting impact, practitioners should set up a detailed plan for implementing process improvements.

Three Elements of a Deployment Governance Framework

The goal of any Lean Six Sigma program is to achieve operation and execution excellence, which can only come about through a well thought-out and executed deployment governance framework that concentrates on teams, knowledge transfer and people.

What Manufacturers Can Learn from Transactional Companies

While many transactional companies, such as advertising agencies and other service-oriented organizations, still look to manufacturers to learn about the application of Lean Six Sigma, there are lessons that manufacturers can learn, as well, from the transactional sector about addressing hidden inefficiencies and reducing costs.

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