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Industries Computers & Electronics Hitachi Plasma TVs and Kaizen

Hitachi Plasma TVs and Kaizen

Hitachi is running a series of advertisements in the Wall Street Journal focusing on their plasma TV technology capabilities. In today’s issue (March 13, 2007, p. A16), their ad talks about kaizen:

No matter where in the world they’re made, Hitachi plasma TVs have one trait in common: They’re the product of kaizen, the Japanese concept of continuous improvement — a concept that guides the efforts of every Hitachi employee.

Watch kaizen in action at Hitachi’s television production facility, where a better way to work is helping bring a better plasma TV to market.

Watch Video, click the “Thinking Thin” option.

The “kaizen part” comes 4:14 into the 5 minute video. While it’s great that Hitachi is focusing on kaizen– and they promote the concept in a major marketing campaign — the video leaves this reader wishing they had put in more information in their video. What do you think?

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Kevin Nourse

Nice Marketing angle… And the video appears to show a nice, clean, organized facility. But no significant illustration of Kaizen itself. Just a simple, verbal reference at the very end of the segment.


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