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LG Electronics (LGE), part of South Korea’s LG Group, was the first LG company to embrace Six Sigma back in 1996 (about the same time as GE). As shown in the timeline below (2000 Annual Report), LGE has a solid history of innovation activities and quality improvement activities dating back to 1989.

Since 2000, LGE has launched additional initiatives such as Digital Manufacturing System (DMS) and Tear Down & Redesign (TDR). The TDR initiative is based on Six Sigma and is used throughout all areas of the company including R&D, marketing, production, and design.

“Since 1996, LG Electronics has been pushing 6-sigma innovation campaigns in all divisions including product development and manufacturing. All employees are encouraged to carry out one or more projects each year to accomplish the 6-sigma objectives (reducing defective products to below 3.4 per 1 million) in their respective fields. This project is extended to parts suppliers to ensure consistent quality standards.”

About LG

Savings and Benefits

“Driven by the strong growth of premium products, including popular washing machine and refrigerator models, LGE sales of digital appliances in 2002 were up a sharp 21.7% over the previous year, totaling 6.04 trillion won. This impressive performance, augmented by vigorous cost-saving 6 Sigma activities launched in and out of Korea, enabled the Digital Appliance Division to attain a remarkable 10% operating profit margin.”

2002 Annual Report

“Intelligent selection of production sites, six sigma efficiency strategies, and proven quality all contributed to overseas sales increases of 36% for air conditioners and 22% for refrigerators.”

2001 Annual Report

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Articles and Links

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  1. NKK

    My two years old LG 19″ monitor (serial number: 210KG30840) causes electric shock if you touch the PC metal casing.

    How can a six sigma capable company deliver such “killing machine” to consumer? LG will be sued if the monitor is sold in USA for causing safety problem to consumers.

    I hope LG staff can contact me at [email protected] if they want to find out my claim is true or not.

  2. Michael

    Sorry to read about your monitor problem.

    Using good tools is a necessary, while not sufficient, condition, in my view. Everybody can ruin a good thing, e.g. by lack of knowledge, lack of phantasy, ignorance, pressure, hidden agenda and the like.

    The opposite holds as well: everybody can contribute to success by being teachable ("in a similar case … happend"), providing focused imagination ("what if …?"), openess ("I adopt this"), understanding ("oh, that’s the way it works") and the like.

  3. ralph landis

    Six sigma certaintly hasn’t helped LG’s customer service any; they don’t stand behind their products at all. I purchased a $3000.00 t.v. which broke a month ago; won’t get it back until who knows when.Just about all other companies would have replaced this lemon within two-three days. If anyone wants to contact me; I’ll gladly tell you about my experience with LG, THEY HAVE THE WORST CUCTOMER SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY I’VE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH!!!!!!!!!

  4. David Sawyer

    Let me start by saying this is the first time i have ever bought an LG product and want to let you know that YOUR PRODUCT, CUSTOMER SERVICE, WARRANTY SERVICE ALL SUCK!!!!

    It’s been 10 days and still the damage is done to my BRAND NEW HOME. Water leaked so bad from either the connection of the washer that it drenched my new hardwood floor and leaked all the way to the basement. i’ve been waiting a supervisors call and a work order to be sent to the local techician so they can have a look at it. The washer/dryer TROMM (top of the line) COMBO was either installed incorrectly or is a defect, still no one has come out or called, it is less then one month old, go figure! If I don’t hear anything by Oct.2 I will personally take out a banner that will say the LG appliance and Customer Service Sucks and will show a picture of the washer and dryer combo.

  5. Bill Robbins

    I bought a 52 inch $3600 LG plasma TV and it immediately began to have a mind of it’s own as to when to turn on when the ON button was pressed. It will intermittently choose to not do anything but wink and then have to be allowed to rest for an undefined period of time before it will accept the ON command agin. It is disgusting. A phone call to the service line gets not one but two stupid loop voices apologizing for the crappy service – THEN THEY ASK YOU TO LEAVE YOUR NUMBER AND THEY WILL CALL YOU BACK – YEAH, RIGHT! I will never make the mistake of buying anythin Korean again.

  6. jane

    I googled LG refrigerators suck and found this of many results, so I thought I’d share my story:

    Basically we bought a brand new refrigerator and within 6 months of owning it, it starts to make noises and reads "error" meaning it’s not cooling/doing anything. As time goes by the noise get louder and louder(like a lawnmower).

    We have our silly one year no good warranty and someone replaces new parts but also informs us of the bad design and predicts a repeat of the same problem. Soon enough the LG fridge/lawnmower combo starts it’s loud noises and error reading,

    To temporarily fix the error reading we have to take everything out of the fridge and defrost it with a fan for at least an hour.

    To make a very long story short: LG says that now that it’s been over a year there’s nothing they can do about it. They don’t take responsibility when clearly it’s a defective p.o.s fridge.

  7. Frances

    oup’s! i’ve just read some of the blogs about LG electronic. i’m a bit frightened about what people say about their appliances from LG. i really feel sorry for them, cause that kind of deja vue with another brand i would be really mad about a bad consumer services. i would use every ressources i can to get what i want anyway like i do usually.
    Last month 02/07/2007 i’ve bought a flat screen LCD HD ready from LG because it was the size I wanted 26". didn’t have free view on it (don’t need it I’ve got sky+) and had 2 scart sockets on it’s back (rare on other models and brands) well for the price of £ 425.00 couldn’t find better anywhere at that price. so far the TV is working fantastically well but yeah it’s new and this year is 2007. but what make me rage is the price of insurance for the product itself. extortion pure and simple so i didn’t take it. should have I? time will say.

  8. Anonymous

    We have been spared the experience of owning Korean made appliances, cars, etc because a family member consulted in Korea on Six Sigma. It was brokered through the Korean Management Association and after running up a seven figure bill it took almost a year to get paid. Months of nonsense about taxes, repeated stories of not receiving bills, etc. with nothing more than the intent to avoidor delay paying for a service that they had already received.

    Fortunately for us this has created a family embargo on these goods and saved us from experiences with lawnmower refrigerators and killer displays. It seems an easy step from not paying your bills to walking away from a total piece of junk that you placed on the market.

  9. still waiting

    BAAAAAAAD Customer Service. We have been waiting a month for our refrigerator ,which is only 6-months old , to get fixed. Nothing so far. To speak to a manager takes at least 24-48 hours. What gives. They are a technology company they can’t relay information to their employess until 24-48 hours later. ridiculous. I can text page my friend in a second. call me asap. and probably get response back faster than 24-48 hours. Don’t count on them helping you out once they got your money.

  10. drew spencer

    LG’s Q4 profit down 85%
    Fourth-quarter profit at LG Electronics Co, South Korea’s largest consumer appliance maker, plunged 85 percent amid falling sales and declining prices for flat-screen televisions, the company said yesterday. LG said it earned 48.2 billion won (US$51.2 million) in the three months ended Dec. 31, down sharply from the same quarter a year ago, the company said in a statement. Sales fell 11 percent to 5.52 trillion won.

  11. drew spencer

    SEOUL (XFN-ASIA) – LG Electronics Inc said its consolidated operating profit fell more than 80 pct in the three months to March, compared to a year earlier, mainly due to weaker digital display operations. The company said operating profit fell to 28 bln won in the first quarter against 171 bln won a year earlier and 157 bln in the preceding quarter.

  12. drew spencer

    LG is NOT a Six Sigma success example.

  13. Zia

    I have bought Split AC (Jet Cool model C186KLA2) last month i.e. 06 May 07. But I am facing problem in AC from day 1 which do happened to new product but occasionally. The way I have been provided customer services being international firm like LGE is against norms of the business.

    The customer service in Pakistan has provided me down model i.e. KLA1 against my new and up model i.e. KLA2. This is the solution provided to me instead of replacing with same model split AC I got old and down model.

    What is use of 6 sigma by LGE being prime institution if their customer service cant provide solution

  14. Zia

    In addition to my above message, I may like to add that I have emailed to every LGE Customer Services in Pakistan as well as I contacted to LGE Customer services at Dubai but no one is responding me. I have all the evidence of my emails and I have also video record of abnormal noise coming through Split AC. If anyone at higher post want to contact me they just contact their person Mr. Wasim Akhtar (Branch Manager), Mr Sadiq (service incharge) & Mr Zulfiqar (technican) of LGE service center at Rawalpindi, Pakistan and get my address and phone number. I will send them all record and evidence to them in order proof my case.

    Also I got the email address of contact persons of customer service at korea from Service centre, Malaysia. Accordingly I emailed to Mr. Sohn : [email protected] & Mr. Kim : [email protected] but both are not responding at all.

    WHAT A SOLUTION PROVIDED TO ME i.e. taken back my new and up model Split AC (C186KLA2) and given me used one and old model(C186KLA1) split AC.

    This state of affair of LGE Customer Service

    Every institution in the world is striving hard for existence except LGE Customer service by going BAD to worst.

  15. Zia

    No response has been received from any corner of LG head Office to resolve my problem of Jet Cool split AC by providing me justice which I narrated above on 11 Jun 07.

    This indicate that LG firm is looking for present not for future. If its keep on happening with customers of LG than slowly and gradually other firms will snatched the market of LG product.

    I may advice to LG Head Office at Seoul, Korea, to take serious note of any complain launch by their valuable, otherwise, customer will show ding dong to the product of LG in future

  16. Advocate Debarati Nag

    The complaint is regarding a LG Refrigerator bought on 20th June 2007 from Omega a dealer at Golghar,Gorakhpur, Utter Pradesh,India.Not even a month has passed the water is flowing out of the Refrigerator.The Problem has not been attended by the technician who had come the attend the same and the service centre later on said the technician sent was not a technician.Kndly urgently look into the matter and Please see to it that this kind of joke is not played with Your consumers.The Refrigerator is purchased in the name of Mr.S.N.Bhattacharjee residing at 484,Gayatri Nagar,Kunraghat,Gorakhpur.Your consumer is utterly disappointed for having been delivered a defective refrigerator upon purchase.With hope that the matter will be attended to on urgent basis.

  17. lalit

    lg electronics is a face less company operating through faceless insensitive call/consolation centres and unprofessional channelpartners.for last three days i have been trying to contact atleast one customer friendly official in lg electronics.but…..
    life’s good but without lg.
    can any one gat me the fax number of lg head quaters in korea. my email i.d.
    [email protected]

  18. Irfan

    I have purchased an jet cool AC from LG showroom few months ago by mistake. My AC stopped working last week. I complained to their complain department but still waiting for theirperson to come and fix this problem. Its already a week now. They have given me the job number and done.

    I wont describe what kind of response I have got from their complaint center so from now on, neither I would buy any LG Product nor I would recommend any person to buy one.

    Really, I was not expecting this type of service from LG. Its a shame really.


  19. vampired

    I bought this particular DVD-RAM internal drive less than a year ago, and I’ve had endless issues since. The drive does detect any sort of DVD I load into it, nor will it record, as it cannot read the blank DVDs. Having spoken to numerous people about this, it seems that this is a common problem with LG. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated the firmware, yet nothing seems to help. I relayed my problem to the LG service website, only to be ignored. I called their (excuse for a) call centre, and politely explained the problem, only to have the (hopefully cheap costing) agent cut the line. The LG service website says that the LG service centre in Cape Town doesnt even take in faulty DVD drives. As client service is my passion, I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the service received, and even more DISGUSTED by the problem of this drive.

    I hope LG understands that my word of mouth is more powerful than they can even imagine, as I have many contacts in the I.T. industry who have advised their clients out of using LG and go straight to Sony/Samsung/Asis. My online blog has received many similar comments after posting my LG problem.

    As we know, LG will obviously not respond..

  20. AnnieO’Donnell

    I have new Tromm top of the line machines and one of them went within 4 months. You are given the names of repair centers that: are no where near you, refuse to come to your area, etc. After more days and calls and eventual screaming, LG promises you will hear from someone. You don’t. The service call center is obviously not in the US. The people who answer the phones are nice enough but even when they turn the call over to a supervisor, nothing changes. Either repair centers don’t want to work on LG or they’re not compensated enough to do so. I am hoping that someone will be here within two weeks of the first call. I hope (but don’t feel assured) they’ll be able to get the parts, as I now have a basement full of clothes. I like the machines when they work, but wouldn’t deal with LG again or I would buy the long-term warranty so that you wouldn’t have to go through LG at all (maybe that’s what the company is hoping for so that they don’t have to take any responsiblity for their products. I’m just pleased I didn’t buy an LG refrigerator. .

  21. Tim

    I bought a LG Refridgerator (LRFD 22850TT) thinking that it was a ’top of the line" and would last me a good while.Was I suprised. The ice maker failed within the first few months. Then about six months ago, the freezer fan failed. I was able to rectify this myself by defrosting. It happened again about three weeks ago. LG must have known it was failure prone, since they extrended the warranty on a 2 1/2 y/o fridge. Today, after being repaired just 2 weeks ago, it failed again. Over $2000 to by, 100’s in lost food, and lost wages for time off work to be there for maint. NEVER AGAIN!! I will make it my lifes work to dissuade anybody/everybody I meet to stay clear of LG!!

  22. Glen Marple

    I purchased an LG dishwasher from Best Buy for $800.00. After 3 service calls they replaced the unit. The replacement totally died after 18 months. What a piece of junk!! We also purchased a LG washer and dryer for $2300.00. The washer has been serviced 3 times!! We have to leave the door open on it because it smells so musty!! You can only use a towel one time before you was it because it smell like the washer after it gets wet!

  23. Steve

    Personally I will never buy another LG product again for as long as I live. I bought one of their $1600 refrigerators back in August. Held it in storage till October, brought it online int October and it began malfunctioning in November. I had the service technician come out and fix it in December, and it had the same problem (err dh on the display) and no ability to use the controls for ice/water etc.

    2 days after it was "FIXED" it started with the same problem. Apparently it was built with a bad defrost coil and so it ices up.

    Now in January, I have to empty my fridge for 24 hours, take yet another day off of work and wait for the TECH to come out and fix it.

    The service technician said that they get more calls on this brand than any other brand that they work on.

    I WISH I HAD BOUGHT A KENMORE. All my friends have them and they never had a problem.

    LG is the worst product I have ever purchased.

  24. Steve

    Are there any lawyers out there interested in starting a class action lawsuit against LG and their distributors? If so, I would be your first client. Contact me at the following munged up email.

    steve (the at character) doitnext (the period character) com : no spaces in previous text.

    I munged it up to prevent address harvesting but hopefully you can figure out how to un munge it.

  25. louie

    I have one of the front-load washers also (unsure of model # – I’m at work… it’s at home) – We also have the mouldy smell and have found that adding white vinegar to the pre-wash helps with towels.

    I also have the LDS5811 dishwasher (this one’s my REAL complaint). This dishwasher is currently a little more than 2 years old. Due to home rennovations, it has actually been installed for about 1 1/2 years now. So far, we’ve had a leaking dryer duct in the door that we attempted to have warranty repairs made. But could not get LG service to coordinate with the ONE SINGLE repair contractor in the entire DC/Baltimore area who still services LG appliances. I eventually fixed it myself with about $1.00 worth of RTV sealant.
    Several rack tines have now broken off, and two of the hinges for the movable tines have broken.
    Now the sump seal is making squealing noises when it runs. It’s out of warranty now, so I’ve ordered the part myself and plan to replace the seal/sump assembly when it arrives. I really feel for those who aren’t able to fix their own piece of trash. My previous home had a Kenmore dishwasher that cost about $200 less than this one, ran quieter, and never broke down. If Sears hadn’t ticked me off on another appliance problem, I might have bought another Kenmore.

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