The Evolution of a Government Lean Six Sigma Training Program

I can still hear the words ringing in my ears: ”Congratulations on the promotion.” I was selected for a position with the Senior Executive Service, a corps tasked with leading the continuing transformation of the United States federal government. The job could wield great influence over performance improvement in the Department of Defense (DoD) –…

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Chain of Command and Its Effect on Empowering Employees

Lean Six Sigma has special challenges in organizations that have a military styled rank structures. I have personally experienced this as a Representative of a law enforcement agency and as a military guardsman. Recently, I have had the good fortune of making the acquaintance of Retired Colonel Billy Asbell, former Director for the Air National…

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Roping Process Improvement, DoD Style

You may have seen the cover of the September/October issue of iSixSigma Magazine, featuring J.D. Sicilia and “The DoD Roundup.” The western theme continued into the DoD Breakthrough Convention, Oct. 14 to 16. Here’’s a sneak peak of the fun: Jeannine Hall, director of events, taking a hand at roping a bull. Yes, this may…

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iSixSigma Wants You!

A year ago iSixSigma Magazine featured the U.S. Army’s business transformation program in a cover story, recognizing the change management efforts and project successes from one of the largest Lean Six Sigma deployments ever attempted. Since then, ties between the U.S. armed forces and Lean Six Sigma have only gotten stronger. In May 2008, Deputy…


No Secrets in Military Six Sigma

One thing I really like about the government Six Sigma initiatives is the public sharing of information. The DOD units are so proud to talk about how they are using Six Sigma and the benefits they are getting out of it. The Indian Head Division of NAVSEA has an entire website dedicated to Lean Six…


Leveraging BB Projects to Drive Momentum

As big as the Army is, the opportunities for improvement abound. However, the tolerance for improvement projects (particularly long drawn out ones) is very low. Anything that takes more than 90 days to complete is considered a waste of time. Or worse you get called an “oxygen thief.” What I have found is that one…


Project Rigor Versus Project Cycle Time

For the Army deployment, this is ” the year of production.” We are in full swing of BB and GB training plus project completion for certification. The work in progress is pretty high. We have a full pipeline of newly trained belts itching to do projects. But with a constraint to complete x number by…


Army Nears $2 Billion in Lean Six Sigma Savings

From Army recruiting to the Bradley fighting vehicle (and everything in between -including meal scheduling), the US Army continues to improve processes and save dollars through Lean Six Sigma. “Lean Six Sigma techniques implemented throughout the Army continue to prove successful, and leaders anticipate reaching a $2 billion-savings mark this year.” Yesterday’s article on…

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The Synergy of Projects

I recently received an email from another Command that outlined a program of LSS projects regarding the Army Reserves Family Support Group. The Family Support Group is essential a booster organization that supports military families during deployments and other activities that make their loved one absent. They provide resources such as Red Cross Assistance, small…

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Measures of Success

As is well known by all, the Army exists as a non-profit organization. Our motives and measures of success are not around EPS or net profit. We measure mission accomplishment and effectiveness. Our motto is always, “make it happen” or as the cable guys says, “get ’er done.” However we do measure project success in…


The Need for Change

Recently the Under Secretary for Business Transformation (DUSA-BT), the Honorable Mike Kirby spoke with our Command and BB/GB trainees on the need for change. He presented an hour long slide show on why we must change the way we do business. Most compelling was his analysis of the evolution of the capability of the war…


Army-wide Lean Six Sigma

According to an article in the Belvoir Eagle, the U.S. Army received orders this week to advance the implementation of Lean Six Sigma Army-wide. “‘This is the largest deployment of management science since the beginning of the science,’ said Mike Kirby, deputy undersecretary of the Army for business transformation. This position was created to oversee…


U.S. Army Lean Six Sigma

The U.S. Army Materiel Command has a website dedicated to information about the Lean Six Sigma efforts currently underway. There is even an entire page devoted to Lean Six Sigma project case studies and results. Over 20 success stories are shared including a video that highlights the ways Lean Six Sigma is directly impacting U.S….