Quality Analytics and Performance Improvement Manager

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March 8, 2021
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The Quality Analytics and Performance Improvement Manager is to ensure that the QAPI Department is providing valuable insights, findings, coaching, analysis, and support to the campaign. This role will directly assist the Quality Manager in running in auditing site performance, analysis, supporting other leadership for quality-related activities. Both internal and external expectations should be met in a timely and effective manner.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Communicate status of quality initiatives to operations and other stakeholders
  • Track site opportunities, and actions to be able to communicate this to the client stakeholders on an as-needed basis, including building reports, and additional analysis for review
  • Perform weekly effectiveness and efficiency coaching for the Quality leadership to ensure that team objectives are being met. Feedback should be documented through the coach and it should include performance and schedule adherence
  • Escalate quality deficiencies to Contact Centre Management
  • Work closely with external Quality Program Manager ensuring that quality improvement steps are initiated and that improvements are ongoing
  • Attend internal and client meetings (staff or with other department)
  • Assist with tracking assigned actions for the Quality Department, ensuring deadlines are met. Assist with prioritization levels, and necessary communication and delivery


  • Ensure that the members of the quality team are adequately trained to do the job, including the initial Onboarding, and ad-hoc workshops to refine their skills
  • As needed, assist operations and other departments in completing client quality standards workshops
  • Ensure scheduling and delivery of department owned workshops based on analysis actions, additionally provide recommendations and assistance in creating new workshop content or training material


  • Ensure timely reports are released by Quality Analyst and Quality Leads
  • Ensure the Team Leaders are familiar with process and tools to conduct monitoring sessions
  • Ensure completion of Internal and External Calibrations. Partner with operations, supervisors, and client Quality Program Managers for roster changes, and performance management for evaluation monitoring results
  • Design action plans for quality improvement together with clients, Team Leaders, Business Managers, and external Quality Measurement Vendors
  • Ensure through follow-up that action plan objectives such as feedback quality, performance results, coaching, follow up, and consequence (PDP, action plan) have been met
  • Use standard calculation and metrics for reporting.
  • Be proactive in analyzing and reporting results, ensuring that reported results are correct and making corrections as appropriate, reviewing sample targets


  • Perform root cause analysis for recurring process issues or critical quality concerns which can lead to contractual or regulatory risks. Root cause analyses to help drive CSAT and other critical KPIs are expected
  • Ensures Internal escalation processes are followed (Tandim, ServiceNow, HRSnow, etc)
  • Ensures that Transcom Worldwide standard procedures are implemented and complied with at all times
  • Ensuring payroll is accurately submitted for each team within the designated time, creating tickets and communicating with the necessary departments when payroll corrections are needed
  • Manage information and Action Plans from external Quality Program Vendor and Manager


  • Promote a culture of both quality and know-how, for all products and services delivered to clients and customers
  • Provide Reward & Recognition for quality and competence, through incentive schemes and other appropriate mean
  • Ensure closed loop communication to Team Leaders and Product Supervisors and external resources. Central point of contact for quality and competence for Business Managers, Contact Centre Manager, Country management as well as External Quality Measurement Vendor
  • Support the development of each Team and ultimately each Agent
  • Provide feedback to Corporate Governance on ideas for improving standards and processes
  • Be an advocate of Transcom’s values and norms

Additional Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Attending country and region meeting.
  • Auditing of Client workflow/processes.
  • Participating in company-wide projects.

Educational Background: (or equivalent to Work Experience Qualifications)

  • College Graduate or at least 2 years in college (for candidates with BPO experience)

Work Experience:

  • BPO experience
  • Green KPI Performance without any progressive discipline for the last 9 months
  • Experience in managing people / teams
  • Experience in internal and external client interaction is preferred
  • Quality and Customer Experience Work

Skills Requirements:

  • Knowledge in MS Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Knowledge in using Google Apps (Sheets, Slides, Docs)
  • Knowledge in Coaching methodologies
  • Knowledge in presentation, data analysis, and problem solving
  • Keen attention to details

Additional Skill Sets Preferred:

  • Knowledgeable / trained on COPC
  • Knowledgeable / trained on Lean Six Sigma / Yellow Belt


  • COMMUNICATION - Communicating ideas and information on time, effectively and clearly so that the essential message comes across and is fully understood always promoting an open dialogue. The ability to use a variety of media in a manner that engages the audience. Communicating the direction in which the organization is developing in an appealing way and creating support for achieving TWW objectives.
  • LEADERSHIP - Managing, developing and motivating others to ensure that they are able to fully contribute to Transcom success, inspiring values and providing feedback; encouraging and bringing about teamwork; maintaining good cooperation to achieve an intended goal. The leader identifies him/herself with energy, and is capable of transmitting it, motivating and generating confidence.
  • TEAM DEVELOPMENT - Using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to develop his/her team; helping them to discover, grow, and reach their potential. Creates a learning environment; ensures that opportunities for development are available. Includes the capacity to generate support and commitment.
  • PLANNING & ORGANIZATION CAPACITY - Determining objectives and priorities effectively; planning timely measures in order to attain stated goals. Identifying and recruiting people and other resources in order to carry out a plan; allocating them in such a way that the intended results are achieved. Involves monitoring the results of tasks, assignments or projects.
  • FOCUS ON QUALITY - Setting high demands with respect to the quality of one's own work and that of others; striving continuously for improvements. Vigilantly watches over processes and services to ensure freedom from errors, omissions, or defects. Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.
  • IMPACT & INFLUENCE -Presenting ideas, decisions, points of view or plans convincingly to others so that they agree or approve, even after initial hesitation. Presenting oneself in such a way that the first impression is positive; showing an air of confidence and influence.
  • FOCUS ON RESULTS - Taking ownership of the achievement of his/her objectives or goals and demonstrating determination to succeed and showing the final results. Collaboratively works with direct reports to set meaningful performance objectives, focusing and guiding others in accomplishing their objectives. Having stamina to remain firm and consistent when performing actions and tasks until the objective has been attained.

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