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    It seems that you are almost there from what I understand.
    The only last bit is that ‘radom’ 70.  That number is the one that you need to understand.  The ‘Difference’ number responds to the question “What is the difference I want to be able to detect between sample A and sample B?”
    For example, and this is just an exaggeration of a re…[Read more]

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    The law of diminishing returns was a concept invented by economists… Ricardo comes to mind (was it David or Ricky???)  Reading Stan’s responses I believe he has his doubts.  And why not?  Economists are presently running for cover or crying for mommie… or both.
    There appears to be a similarity with this concept and the fact that in some in…[Read more]

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    In my experience at the moment the focus has been on very short projects with great focus on cutting heads as quick as possible… quite frustrating when there are so many other issues that make process improvement benefitial.  Less labour cost is always welcome, but to render everything else useless and “airy fairy” is a quite dangerous approach…[Read more]

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    Sorry for the confusion.  First, many people try to translate Japanese into English.  Unfortunately, each language has conotations that do not fully translate.
    My purpose of choosing the word “overburden” was to distinguish that “waste” are not necessarily created by employees.  Waste are commonly created by overburdens created by policies, sy…[Read more]

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    The situation you described is not Lean, but not completely unheard of.  This unfortunately gives Lean a very bad reputation.
    While it is true that Lean strives to eliminate overburdens on employees (commonly called Waste), the program relies on heavy support by management
    Many times, when enough overburdens are removed, employees realize a b…[Read more]

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    I have read a few of the responses.  Most are effectively telling you the same thing.  Lean it out.  I have done this in work centers that are long takts (greater than 1 hour per station). 
    If you have identified the work area that needs improved, I always start with spaghetti diagrams and stacked bar charts to help identify waste. 
    Long proc…[Read more]