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    Experience and “go do” reaps the rewards in one quarter the time, oh bright one.

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    No I don’t know Troy or Scott but if they have the same trouble I would like to hear from them and discuss simplicity.

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    I would calculate it more from a statistical standpoint.  Both operations are independent of eachother.  You have 450/500 or .9 and you have 405/485 for .835.  (.9)*(.835) = .75.  1-.75 = 25% of the parts are  scrapped.

  • Lorax,
      I too would be interested in seeing your process.  Can you please send me a copy.  Here is my email address:  [email protected]
    Thank you,

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    I would go as far as 20%.  Although Analyze Phase goes quickly, it is still 1/5 of the project.  Also it helps display where to focus your attention of improvement.

  • The few on this discussion with experience in the Automotive Industry are the outliers of the industry.  However, several Detroit companies have already beat you too the punch and have hired the automotive six sigma professionals.  So…you could be receiving the less desirable six sigma candidates and that is putting a sour taste in your mout…[Read more]

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    Hey Les,
    Nice question :^) …
    Elements such as …
    – how long have they practiced (fresh out of school … to should have retired 20 years ago but still practices) 
    – is there any on-line feedback – positive or negative
    – are they  members of any other “bodies”
    – do others recommend them
    – are there references readily available
    – are t…[Read more]

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    I agree – and I also know the pedigree, quality, support level  etc of most providers when making such a statement.  For example Paloma has a significant bredth and depth of successful deployment in multiple industries and countries.   I advise potential clients to be very wary of a providers credentials and more importantly their level of sup…[Read more]

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    Hello Jeremy,
    It all depends on what you need – there are 2 ways of looking at this – cost or investment.  The cheaper ones (cost focus) will get you training but the more expensive ones (investment view) will usually provide a better ROI.

  • I want to thank everyone for their input.  I think I received very valuable suggestions for additional training. 
    I’m sorry my comment offended Mr. Brandon.  In my part of the country, U of P is not highly regarded.  That may be different in other parts of the country. 

  • Just read Dilbert.

  • It is common to go back and forth between the phases.  True, a project charter is the first document completed, but it is a living document.  At the end of every phase you should have an “updated” project charter, with more specific metrics and goals as you go along. During the define phase you should have completed a cost of poor quality and d…[Read more]

  • Simulation for training, yes. In every class I have taken, we have always done a simple simulation of how to use a tool or whatever the case may be, but CERTIFICATION (meaning you are 100% competant to complete all aspects of being a black belt, there is more to it than the tools) requires a real-world project. If you don’t have a real world…[Read more]

  • Funny…
    You mention having the keys but not wanting to go in, yet you talk about getting the training but not wanting to do a real project.

  • Villanova doesn’t even require a real completed project to get certified.  I think they have some kind of case study you do as your final project.  Be weary of any program that doesn’t require you to complete at least one project as the project lead with significant savings.

  • I see.
    In that case, the tools you would use for analyze would be:
    Fishbone, FMEA, Hypothesis testing, Correlation and Regression, 5 whys, brainstorming.
    Basically, you want to develop theories with FMEA, Fishbone, 5 why’s, etc. and pareto your biggest hitters. Then verify with statistical tools.

  • So what is the 23 LSL and 25 USL?

  • Create a casue and effect diagram (fishbone) where your effect is a late shipment.  For all of your causes, find the once that first appear to be most significant and write them down.  Then, for every time you had a late shipment, find out what the cause was.  For instance, if you list a cause as “place of shipment”, for every time you had a la…[Read more]

  • I have a question for you.  You say that your spec limits are 25 and 23.  Is that the number of hours a bill takes?  What you are saying here is that it is a bad thing to get it done before 23 hours.  I would assume that 0 would be the lower limit, meaning if you get it anytime from 0 to 24 hours than you have a satisfied customer (management) so…[Read more]

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    If you were asked to IMPLEMENT a parts kit, then you are doing the I of someone else’s DMAIC project.  And if you are trying to find data to come to a predetermined conclusion, then you aren’t doing six sigma.  I would ask your MBB what drove him to the realization of implementing a POU parts kit and you may find everything you need already.  Ba…[Read more]

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