• VicramD,
    My first suggestion is to look at the business as a whole. There are three elements that should be addressed in detail prior to think in project titles: earnings, margin and cash flow. What are the business needs regarding those three elements? If you find weaknesses or significant differencies (in the low side) comparing with…[Read more]

  • Johan,
    I-MR stands for Individual – Moving Range. In the I Chart you plot individual values (ie montlhy yield), and in the MR Chart you plot the difference between the present value and the previous one.
    Regards… Adrian

  • Carl,
    I have used I-MR charts for Waste (Scrap), monthly basis, for years and fit perfect because both managers and technicians can understand them. The first ones find a graphical representation of something that is intuitive (each point is the data they are used to see in sheets or reports). The technicians may extract valuable info about…[Read more]

  • Mark,
    Why not to train Green Belts at first, and select BBs from the best GBs? That selection process is based on results, commitment and all the other qualifications mentioned in other messages. It is a  way to test them on the field at first… then make a selection.
    One question: Why do you consider only “quality people” as candidates? Do…[Read more]

  • Mares replied to the topic Forecasting in the forum General 20 years, 4 months ago

    Richard, SuperBB,
    I am interested in forecasting. Please send me your e-mails and we can start sharing info & ideas, and tell me more about your projects: Is the objective clearly defined? What is the CT..? (Cost, Quality or Delivery) What is the link with business results? (bottomline). My e-mail is: [email protected]
    Regards, Adrian

  • Sorry, I´m a Black Belt with experrience… not a GB with experience.
    GB´s have a similar technical background than BB´s, so there is not a reason for not having the skills to deploy Six-Sigma tools in new product and processes design. I have seen GB´s deploying excellent projects, some of them more successful, in terms of money, than BB´s…[Read more]