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Ivoni Williams


Ivoni Williams is an Internet Marketer for Jafrum International Inc. It is one of the leading power sports store in the US for more than 10 years. Ivoni has a good organizing skills, cautious, and realistic, hard- working, scrupulous, and fearless. Since her high school days she has been a fan of big bikes and loves to watch racing competitions like MotoGP. A collector of motorcycle miniature, she dreams of joining a moto-cross in the future. She takes life as a game that people have to play with courage and willingness to take the risk. She believes that there is nothing to be achieved by simply resting on one’s laurels.

Eventhough motorcycle sport is dominated by men, Ivoni does not feel any insecurities because she is a woman. For her, motorcycle riding is a hobby that allows a rider to feel freedom–the awesome feeling of liberation that you simply can’t get enough. Amelia learned riding at the age of 12 from her big brother who love motorcycles as well.

Interesting Information About Ivoni’s Employer

Jafrum International Inc. is a supplier of motorcycle accessories in different countries in Asia and America. The company offers high quality motorcycle gears which are used for travel and moto-crossing purposes. Most of their best seller items were icon helmets, and icon leather vest which are developed and designed with multiple safety and comfort features through exhaustive research and real world feedback. It is known that United States have very strict laws concerning motorcycle safety, and it is a must to wear helmets certified by DOT to ensure road safety for thousands of riders in different states. Helmets are gears from are created primarily for safety and fashion.

Twitter: @JafrumStore
Facebook: Jafrum-International-Inc Page