Almost a Blackbelt


  • They may have been laughing at me, but their ignorance was costing them quite a large amount of scrap and lost dollars from the bottom line.  3.4 wasn’t even close for them.  And their steps above the American car companys.  Scary. 

  • I worked at one of those plants almost a year ago as a Quality Engineer.  It was a tier one supplier north of Dayton Ohio and they knew I had six sigma certification when I was hired.  They did not use it nor did they grasp it well when I tried to use it.  A senior managements response to my main effects plot was that you could never look at resp…[Read more]

  • I also use Dale’s verbiage.  It is simple and the plant folks get it.  I also follow up with an example FMEA of pouring beer into a glass (from my training material).  The guys have a great understanding by the time we finish and it saves a lot of time with less questions as we go into the actual project FMEA.