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    Hi i knowu ,
    Thanks for Your response mate! I am not asking for solutions rather as the subject line reads i am seeking suggestions and thats what this forum is meant for . If you are not in a position to recommend please don’t respond . Its not obligatory rather participatory !

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    For person clearing an exam it is categorised as Pass or fail
    age has been categorised as buckets like 10-12 yrs 12-14 yrs
    same holds true for the experience
    But for the qulaification how can i categorise i am thinking of catergorising them as below 10th , 12th pass , graduate , post graduate
    Pls help me as its impotant for me to establish…[Read more]

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    Thanks dominic for your elaborate explanation .
    Actually i am doing a project in a bpo sector where in i have to suggest ways to improve training effectiveness which is provided to new joinees and how the involuntary attrition can be reduced and to establish as to what factors contribute to high attrition (Like age , experience or qualification )…[Read more]

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    hi Arun
     r u the same arun who was working in jamshedpur (Tata Motors ) ?Please help me out in the six sigma project in improving the training effectiveness which i am currently involved . Any case studies would be helpful ,

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    hi neelema
    I am doing a project on improving the training effectiveness and reducing the attrition rate during training . if u have done any project related to that please share it with me
    Thanking u in advance

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    hi Ankita ,
    HAve u done any project in Attrition or similar stuff . If u ahve can u please share that as i am also doing project in six sigma related to high attrition rate during the training process
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Amit ,
    Thanks for your inputs dude !
    But i have a little doubt . You are saying that opportunities of defect= no of headcount .But i think that suppose that a training process has 4 filters for example exams then a candidate who fails that exam has to attrite . This means that failure cahnces are there in four filters so opportunities of…[Read more]

  • I think you are missing the link between Measure and Improve phase, which is the Analyse phase. It is in the analyze phase that you will study the data collected, study the variation, draw a paretto ( using the 70 -30 rule) and then narrow down further using Fish Bone and other tools and finally you will use Control Impact Matrix to exclude…[Read more]

  • Hi Joe,
     Thanks again for the answer, i will definately think more on it.
    Request you to stop using those words and provide a real solution (if you have one). we are not here to fight or prove others wrong. we are here to share whatever little we know with others. Hope you will appreciate that.
    Anyone has any more intresting insights to share?

  • Hi Joe,
     Thanks for the quick response. if Cp gives me the process capability then why do i calculate Process Sigma in the first place. will appreciate if you can give some insight on this.
    Thanks in advance

  • Minitab is a good tool to analyze the data. Its not expensive and works best in conjuction with Excel which I am sure you must be having.

  • Dear Sanjeev
    I have gone through all the messages. It is fisrt time for me to see such kind of sharing of critical information. Till date it was supposed to be confidential for each BB. I have just entered in the world of six sigma and doing my first project. I am also developing some forms but if you can send me you forms and template then it…[Read more]