• As rule of thumb, 5 whys are used in the analyze phase when data is not available to ID root causes. However, an extra caution is needed to formulate the questions to ask the team to ID root causes. The link below has a mouse and cheese example that will guide you to the application of 5 whys.…[Read more]

  • Your number seems quite low for a banking call centre. I would recommend revisiting your data to ensure your 15/90 conclusion is representative of the annual call volume. Perhaps, you will need to draw a larger sample size or # of sub samples dependent on the # and types of products and services offered via  your call centre.
    In regard to c…[Read more]

  • In the financial services industry, call centres are full of 6 sigma projects. Your best bet would be to start of with your call centres strategic goal/plan for the year and then select projects which will have the greatest impact on the bottom line. Here are example of some of the projects that are commonly known in the call centre…[Read more]

  • It will totally surprise you. You will be able to see if and how much consistent your appraisers are among themselves, and with each other.
    This study is an eye opener for proceesess that involve attribute data. Applys perfectly to your data.
    Good luck!