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  • Gary:

    thanks for giving us an hour of your time to share your knowledge and experience. Much of what you said confirms what we’re doing within my organization while other parts have renewed the challenge to […]

  • How is any “goal” founded in data until there are verified root causes and their relative impact on the process is known? MBBinWI, I acquiesce to your experience, but this type of goal setting is SWAG at best, right? 8 years, 4 months ago

  • This is purely at your discretion. We have considered awarding each belt a star for every completed project they participate in. They can add them to their belts, which are awarded in acrylic display cases. The feedback on this idea has been positive, and our experience with Yellow Belt and other pins has been overwhelming – people hunt us down…[Read more]

  • Admittedly my understanding of the Kano model is basic, but I think that surveys only measure the satisfiers well (where there is an expected “linear” response between performance on the attribute and customer satisfaction). You have to use other techniques to get more info about the others. Not that you couldn’t or shouldn’t try to understand…[Read more]

  • Well, it is too late for this advise given that your data is already collected, but maybe next time…

    Take each aspect that you’ve asked for performance responses and restate them to get importance feedback. For example, if you used a 1-10 scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree, then you would restate the aspect to coincide with a…[Read more]

  • You’ve said that moving the dunnage and/or the process is not possible. But you also state that adding capacity at B is being considered. If there’s room for possibly adding capacity at B, I find it strange that a solution couldn’t be designed to eliminate the motion & transportation waste. Presuming that those are both really barriers,…[Read more]

  • [email protected] wrote:

    I’m embarking on a new project which is to consolidate several call centers into just a few and will be using DMAIC to identify process defects, waste, etc. Does anyone have experience with this? If so, do you have a project plan you would willing to share and what issues/risks, do you for see me getting into with this…

    [Read more]

  • Robert:

    I’m a little confuddled (yes, that’s a word of my own creation). I think I’ve reached a conclusion, but I could be way off. Any help getting out of the mire is greatly appreciated…

    I know that a 2-proportions test and the ANOM technique are fundamentally different (testing the independence of two binomial variables versus…[Read more]

  • Colin:

    You will likely receive better advice from some of the more experienced folks here, but I am going to throw in my humble opinion…

    1. I wouldn’t transform the data. The p-value of 0.055 indicates you cannot reject the null hypothesis given a significance level of 0.05 (Ho is that the data is well-represented by a normal…[Read more]

  • Robert:

    thanks for the input: I have followed your advice, and while the result is not what the process owner had hoped for, I can adequately describe the gap that still exists.

    Regards, 9 years, 3 months ago

  • Hi Stan:

    Couple of things:

    1. Hi there again. I read this forum daily, but don’t post much. when I do, I always look forward to seeing whether or not you have an opinion. It is one of the risks anyone takes posting here.

    2. Not sure what you mean by Silverstein. Tim Brown is the CEO of IDEO, but many of IDEOs lead designers,…[Read more]

  • I’ve never heard of this as a methodology either…

    Is it a formalization of the IDEO mentality? 9 years, 3 months ago

  • Pam:

    I’m a tad confused. You declare that you are making the switch based on “better phone metrics”, but then say that statistical tests on the metrics considered relevant are inconclusive. What then does “better” mean? What evidence is there and how is it evaluated?

    I do believe it is valuable to consider volume (amongst satisfaction,…[Read more]

  • As long as the data has only two proportions (i.e. before & after an intervention) you can use the 2-proportions test in Minitab, which uses either raw data OR summarized data.

    The 2-Proportions test uses Fisher’s Exact Test which can be more accurate than the Chi Square test when counts are small (like counts of undesirable infections). 9…[Read more]

  • Robert:

    Minitab is fine with mx2 tables, either in the format you provided or in two-way format. Just have to select “cross-tab & Chi square” for the table you provided. My results match your identically (Chi square 12.6 & p=0.006).

    “The next piece would be identifying the samples or groups of samples contributing to the significance and…[Read more]

  • A pareto matrix with “Early / On Time / Late” on one axis and “Reason” categories on the other could help uncover that.

    One would likely take a different approach to improve it as well versus the delayed orders.

    In your example, the “wrong order” category might take first priority because of patient safety concerns. 9 years, 4 months ago

  • Michael:

    Based on the current process data, it sounds like you’ll be paying for and eating a lot of cold pizza (I guarantee the distribution of delivery times is heavily skewed right). I’d set the requirement that the pizza be free in exchange for helping with the data collection. :laugh: 9 years, 4 months ago

  • Virginia Mason Hospital and Medical Center has published many articles regarding Lean in hospital/health care. They joined the fad and named their effort VMPS (that’s right, Virginia Mason Production System). Apparently there is a Lean event every week. That’s impressive for a hospital. Should not be hard to find material. 9 years, 4 months ago

  • Farmers:

    There is no cookbook. Your profile indicates you are in a non-lean / six sigma role. Is anyone in your organization trained in process improvement? If so, you should consult with them. 9 years, 4 months ago

  • OK, writing this feels a lot like playing Russian Roulette here on the forum, but I need to ask for clarification on one of the tangent discussions (please try to read beyond possible errors in proper terminology – it’s the “big picture” I want to comprehend). This topic is important to me because many times in the Measure phase the team wants to…[Read more]

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