• We have used it to narrow down the factors and model the probabilities of winning/losing proposals based on a variety of factors. The results have been somewhat surprising yet remarkably consistent. A good tool, but it may take a lot of grunt work to get all your data in the right format (it did for us).

  • A couple of examples I’m aware of from work:
    I know that the Air Force is very interested in Six Sigma. As I understand it the whole military is going through a process called “Transformation”, and several of the branches are using Six Sigma tools to help them out.
    NASA is also showing some signs of interest at the moment. They have been…[Read more]

  • Good question- I am GE certified MBB, Honeywell certified MBB, and have a JD … so I’ve been looking for the Six Sigma/Law intersection for some time. Lots of opportunities in the area of Compliance, but I haven’t seen a lot in the Litigation angle, mostly because I don’t directly work in that area … so hopefully your thread will get the ball…[Read more]

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    In the first analysis (without a replicate), it looks like you do not have enough degrees of freedom to calculate the p value. If you do not run a replicate, try re-running the analysis after removing one or two of the main effects or interactions with the lowest effect/coefficients and see what happens.

  • As are Johnson & Johnson, Black & Decker, Bank of America, Raytheon, ….

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    You could find entire chapters devoted to the topic, but the simplest and best explanation for GBs that I have seen is this: degrees of freedom are the equivalent of currency in statistics – you earn a degree of freedom for every data point you collect, and you spend a degree of freedom for each parameter you estimate. Since you ususally n…[Read more]