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    The cookbook presented by Andy U appears to be a
    sound way to solve shop floor problems. I am aware of
    the DMAIC strategy. I am also aware of other problem
    solving strategies that work to fix process problems. I am
    also greatly appreciative of Andy U’s comments.
    However, the cookbook offered by Andy U does not help
    guide me on how to install Six Sigma within our small
    business. I need a executive’s cookbook that guides me
    at a strategic level. Should I establish financial targets
    before I define the mission? How should the financial
    targets be derived? How can I integrate Six Sigma into
    the 5 year strategic plan? Who should be made
    responsible for the oversight of Six Sigma and what are
    the limits of responsibilites? How much should we
    budget for Six Sigma and over what period of time? What
    can we expect for payback? The cookbook would ideally
    frame these types of questions. Your continued interest in
    my post is gratefully appreciated.

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