Chilly Willy


  • Here is a question for the group:
    Has anyone ever heard of a legitimate SS certification that did NOT require a project?
    I do not utilize SS in my current position, but I think that I would like to try to “weasel” my way into the field w/my NEXT position.  I am running out of mental challenges in my current position and expect to be moving on…[Read more]

  • I wonder:  How many people are able to pay for IL six-sigma training out of their own pocket?
    I did a (very) small amount of poking around to see what 6 Sigma training would cost.  It saw $5K for GB training and about $15K for BB training.  At that rate, I might as well start saving up for my dream vacation on the moon, instead.  It would be ju…[Read more]

  • I may be further back on the track than Anthony.  How can one who is not even working in the field get started?
    I work as a contractor for another company.  Neither my company nor the client is going to pay to send me to 6 sigma training and then put me on a project.  However, if I wanted to break into the field, someplace else, how could I be…[Read more]