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  • Our company launched 6 Sigma in Feb 2001.  The black belt measures used include not only dollars brought to the bottom line, but also number of projects brought to control; number of green belts trained; and amount of input into coporate culture change.  These are all objectives that can be measured fairly easily.  Another measure we currently use…[Read more]

  • The answer to your question is NO!  We launched 6 Sigma in February 2001 where I work.  In the first phase of training 14 BB were trained from my department.  These people were removed from their current jobs and placed 100% on projects.  The work was reallocated within the department without missing a beat.  Currently, as projects are being comp…[Read more]

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    Based on your description I would say that you are not in any type of 6 Sigma culture.  Prior to 6 Sigma being of any success at your firm your Top Management must embrace the methodology of 6 Sigma and provide the support to change the current philosophy.  Has your management been trained in the 6 Sigma mehtodology?  If not then don’t waste yo…[Read more]

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    I believe that the answer to your question is covered in the Control phase of DMAIC.  There should have been carefully selected measurable outputs identified to monitor the CCR’s that had been identified during the Define phase of the project.   Along with this the critical outputs of each process step should have been monitored to insure that the…[Read more]