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  • You make a very good point here.  On my shop floor, I refuse to look at VSM and Lean as a tool to eliminate operators.  Labor pays for itself over and over again.  TOC is the best way of explaining this. Roadrunner running, and then when you start building inventory, move the team to help elsewhere.  You are right

  • Excellent reference.  Mary Walton’s book is excellent.  I have all my supervisors read it.  I know I’ve said more than enough here.  Thanks for the open discussion.

  • Ouch, that’s a good point.
    We should both remember, that these are our opinions, and not data driven.  It is true, that people will sacrifice happiness for pay.  That’s why prostitution is never suffering from a labor shortage.
    Pay and happiness are both sources of variation in this project.  In my plant, there are some who stay only for the he…[Read more]

  • That looks like a lot of demographic data collection.  What data gathering are you doing centering on the culture of your business.  At GE we found that employee retention starts with the day the person interviews. 
    The culture and professionalism you have will go miles towards retention.  Demographics is only a factor in how you sell your com…[Read more]

  • I don’t mean to be insulting, but how can anyone truly believe that people stay with a company or job for money as the number one factor.  Look to HR MGrs and they’ll tell you why people stay and why they go.  When I worked at GE, we had a turnover project, and we found a number of things leading to high turnover;
    The civilian workforce is just l…[Read more]