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    Hi Sheena – What do you mean by the term “revenue leakage”?

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    I can’t imagine the field day OSHA would have with investigating an incident where the Manager in charge of the safety program was chosen because they had the worst safety record.  I would ask the question “Why can’t your facility get anyone to volunteer to be on the safety committee?”  You’re doing something wrong if you have to assign som…[Read more]

  • Hmmmmmmmm,
    I bee – lieve that these nomadic honey bees are looking for the biggest, juiciest pollen around  ;)

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    Hi Ronda,
    Just thought I’d add my tuppence worth. Without getting bogged down about the pro’s and con’s about the cert. You will need to actually “do” some improvement work. Can you do that on your own without enrolling on a course, you know the answer – yes.
    As pointed out, there is lots of info available on this site, I would also check out…[Read more]

  • Yes, seen it very funny.. the lego model was excepetionally memorable.. though theirs was a little bigger than our little helicopters..

  • Monique obviously is from Acuity… the only thing she likes to do other than pimp their product is put down Aveta (seemingly their closest competitor). Only thing worse than bad reviews are self-promotion reviews. Anyone reading this… Acuity is a joke. For less money they will give you a black belt certification with no project requirement.…[Read more]

  • Andy,
    As far as Little’s Law goes – the Customer demand (takt) is the Production rate you use to calculate how many days worth of Inventory you hold at any one operation/station/cell.
    When I have moments of doubt, I refer to “Learning to See” ( Rother and Shook), re affirms the basics.

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    Mikel Harry was not the founder of the DMAIC model but was the founder of the MAIC model.
    The DMAIC model was presented to general electric in 1996 in mesa az and general electric loved the define the system part (D) of the model and ran with it. I.e. world wide.
    Harry’s organization refused to accept the DMAIC model for several years un…[Read more]

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    Contact me at [email protected]. I specialize in this sort of analysis.

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    Is it dead, the answer is no,should companies have certification, it’s a good question and the answer is no they should not HAVE TO, but in order to gain business it will help, most companies in the UK wiill not let you quote for business, is this right i don’t think so.
    This is an intersting post i would like to see how it develops.

  • Thank you Robert for taking the time to share your experience and good advise. I think I will use the historical data to get an idea for direction but start new experiments to gain confidence in the reliability of the data.

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    Hi I’ve done both, PM and then SS, and PM does cover some different areas which I think are assumed as understood in SS e.g. project planning, documentation and contents of communication. So from what I’ve seen the SS certidication trumps PM certification.
    So unless you like taking exam and sitting infront of boards I wouldn’t bother with the…[Read more]

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    Those parts of GE still doing SS use a on-line exam. This works well as it asks questions from a large base of questions so you never sure of what questions you are going to get and only the central group knows all the questions are in there.
    This works well but as Ron says if you had paper versions you’d have to keep changing them and doing them…[Read more]

  • My experience was with GE in the UK taking on external people into BB roles. Here we took on people for experince of industry and skills as we could then train them in the our flavour of Six Sgima and Lean and not have to break any bad habits.

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    While GE Money had a GB program of certification they did require the candidates to pass a test.
    I’m not sure how usfull they are but as long as they’re open book your testing their knowledge and not their memory which always best. At the worst they will one indicator of how effective your training is.

  • When I’m hiring I tend to look at what someones done. Getting a certificate wouldn’t help until you’ve shown you can use it.
    I’ve actually hired and trained people without certfication if they’ve proved they can make improvements.

  • Eugene,
    Your instructor was incompetent. You were right to question the answer. Reflects the level of training available I guess.The within and overall calculations are different. The within is simply estimated by the control chart method. So even with subgroup of one, the average moving range (with proper unbiasing factors included) is used to…[Read more]

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    Tried all that.. actually been to that page I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  • Here is my email address that I forgot to put into my post
    [email protected]

  • If you are still sending out the funny lean videos,  I would like to have ones to use with our in house training.

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