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    In the project management world we call it the project pipeline or project portfolio.  I’ve been thinking about the possibility of applying Kan-Ban to the project pipeline.  Has anyone taken this approach?  I’d be interested in results and approach.

  • Does anyone have this template in 2003 version or could someone save it as 2003 version and post?  Thanks.

  • I am one of 4 Black Belts at St. John’s Mercy Health Care in St. Louis, MO.  We have a large suburban and smaller rural hospital with 1,166 total beds and 8037 coworkers.  We began our deployment about 11/2 years ago.   We are just beginning to train green belts and will move forward with a LEAN iniatitive soon.

  • How do you plan to use this benchmark information.  As you have found this is not a typical benchmark for the operating room.  There are probably a couple of reasons for that. 
    1. The first use of the information ‘close – to – incision’ would appear to be a measurement of surgeon productivity or surgeon downtime.  And while there is always con…[Read more]

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    I have been following this thread & all the different interpretations of OTD.  If our customers request certain dates, then this is the calculated date.  But most have a contract on file w/the company that the system uses to caulate delivery time.  Most (not all) have it set up to ship w/i 48 hrs of receiving the order w/2 days transit time.  We…[Read more]

  • Thank you all for your valuable comments.  My presentation was last week, and what we have decided is that this is too big to “bite the entire” apple. What I think my serve our purpose best is to take the process piece that is most painful, and concentrate on that one. Once we’ve done  that we can make some improvements. One of the areas that s…[Read more]

  • One of the first things that you should implement is that your Leadership Team embrace the Six Sigma initiative and roll it out, with a pilot Green Belt training, having those that should attend be the “high potential” employees who in succession planning will be tomorrow’s leaders.  It’s crucial that management at the highest level roll it out,…[Read more]

  • Richard
    I have done the “cause and effect”, have done the process flow, the beginning of my FMEA, my discriptive analysis with the P.Value, and the data shows as Normal.  I have done the normality test, and a pareto.  The criteria that show as most critical:
    Manual requisition process,
    Feedback from Manager about the candidate
    Scheduling a…[Read more]

  • Richard
    Thank you for your post.  I am struggling through this training, and it’s intense with the Minitab product.  One of my problems will be which tools to use with what data….I have done the initial stuff the Measure Phase, and have all that done with Capability ANalysis, the Normality TEsts, the XY Matrix, Voice of the Customer…etc.  It…[Read more]

  • Hello Ron,
    I would very much like a copy of your power point presentation. I’m currently struggling with project selection for the Green Belt Certification and have been rejected 4x to date.  My first project was turnover, then “time to fill” then training -missed opportunities.  I was told by the Qualtec facilitator that my projects were not a…[Read more]

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    Thank you for the information.  My issue is that in order to be certified my project must result in at least $30-40K savings, and have improved or reduced something by at least 50%.  I initially looked at our area of highest turnover, the dollars would have been there (about $92K) however the reduction in turnover would have only been a…[Read more]

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    I too am currently enrolled in Green Belt training and have yet to come up with a viable HR project.  Is there a list of projects I could view that have been successful in the HR function?  Thank you for any help.

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    There are a couple of ways to start breaking it down.  You can segment it by  (1.) 3rd party payor  (2.) age (3.) type of rejection: demographic data, payor information,  procedure coding, no response (usually private pay). 
    Once you’ve segmented then you will still need to look at the type of rejection to get to a measurable error. Demog…[Read more]

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    Mark,We are a government contractor and are below the industry average (8.5% vs. 12%); however, an employee satisfaction survey indicated employees believed we had a retention problem. To determine issues, we used a variety of methods to evaluate turnover impact to our business. We looked at turnover by years of service, by job classification,…[Read more]