• In all probability, you have the same available time each day.  But for each of your 100 different parts; you very well may have 100 different customer demand levels.
    So, guess what.  You may have 100 different takt times.
    Ignore what was mentioned about the capacity of the machinery.  It is like Xgames said; it is all about your available tim…[Read more]

  • Chris,
    Agree with all you said, I just tried to make it super-short.
    For anyone wanting a great example, go visit a local hospital.  They are actually a great example.  Well, maybe not all of them are but there are a good many of them that offer a beautiful example.
    I know of one pharmaceutical company that leveraged many of their m…[Read more]

  • Mitchell,
    Sorry I misunderstood your question.  That was why I started out my response with, “if I understand your question correctly…”
    What you have works.  I have seen other terms used for the S’s but these work.  In short, you are trying to understand all that you have and determine what and where should everything go (somethings should ju…[Read more]

  • If I understand you question correctly, “Do I have to do all of the S’s in 5S?”, the answer would be YES.
    What good is it to do DMA_C and no I? 

  • EdG replied to the topic Six sigma lean tools in the forum General 13 years, 11 months ago

    Use 5S in the Improvement phase.  Along with things like poka-yoke, SMED, andons, heijunka, jidoka, and kanban to name a few.
    You may be begin “touching” on these in the analysis phase but you would be implementing them during the improvement phase.
    Remember that during DMA you are focusing in on the problem’s root cause(s).  But when yo…[Read more]

  • Availability is the amount of time that the equipment is actually available versus the planned availability.  Planned availability may be 8 hours a day for a normal workday while Actual availability is simply the planned availability less any downtime for things like preventative maintenance, equipment breakdown, or set-up / adjustment…[Read more]

  • Personal opinion; I would never recommend a team member for certification, ONLY the Lead. 
    No reason why you cannot have someone that was the lead on the previous project be a member or advisor on the next and then use a previous member is the lead.  We did that on previous projects; for my certification project I had five GB’s (in tra…[Read more]

  • SSG,
    I wouldn’t worry about “certifying someone within your company and it being recognized as valid or not by another company.”  Because…
    (1)  You are “in business” to improve YOUR OWN ORGANIZATION, not be a training ground for everyone else.
    (2)  If those that are selected for GB cert, are only interested in it if it is recognized by ot…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic What is a Chevron Map? in the forum General 14 years, 2 months ago

    And here I thought it was a map of the local gas stations…

  • Lean mfg is both a “journey” and “the destination” where as kaizen it a tool for that “journey”.
    An analogy might be:

    “I want to go on holiday and travel to the ultimate tourist destination.” “I want to establish my company as a lean manufacturer.”
    “I want to fly first class on my trip.” “I want to use a series of kaizen’s to lean out my…[Read more]

  • All it is for is to take someone that is “totally clueless” and give them a clue.  What was originally intended to be a ~1 hour class has grown; I believe it is now a ~4 hour class.  Just the same, it was to give everyone an idea of what is this “continuous process improvement” stuff; and it was to briefly go over six sigma, lean, theory of c…[Read more]

  • Mr IAM,
    If you originally had 100 units in WIP and experienced a lead time of 10 days but now established your process with 80 units in WIP and an additional 20 units in your “incoming triage” the reality is you have done nothing to benefit from chaning your process.  If you look at the wait time that the 20 units in your triage experience and…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic Value Stream Mapping in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    All, Take a quick look at this.  As both Ron and I were trying to explain, it hope this picture helps eliminate confusion…
    That first inventory triangle, that is your “stuff at the loading dock” awaiting their turn to be received.  The first process block, that is your Receiving Process step (with all information ONLY pertaining to the pr…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic Value Stream Mapping in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    If you refer to the “Current State Map” section of Learning to See, in the example the authors show inventory triangles between each process step and preceeding the first process step in the example.  (Look at page 33 for the final sample)
    I would recommend you use that to account for the parts awaiting “their turn for Recieving”.  In this f…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic What is Lean? in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    That would be a sly way of finding out who is using your materials without your consent…

  • EdG replied to the topic What is Lean? in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    No doubt.  —I was ranting a little…
    With respect to recalls, the reason why is also be a factor.  Is the recall due to the failure of an automatic switch or valve that makes the A/C fail to work if the item fails, or is it due to a failure of a heating element that can cause the vehicle to catch fire.  Big difference between the two yet th…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic What is Lean? in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    Your point may be to “not always believe what you read or hear about Toyota” but you know, I still think I will continue to go with Toyota.  And, why?  Because inspite of your statement that they are leading in recalls, I have yet to experience any major problem with ANY Toyota’s that my family has owned (my wife and I have owned nothing b…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic What is Lean? in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    You mentioned in your first paragraph that the service bill for your Lexus could have been used to buy “2 Ford clunkers.”  How many could you buy if that Lexus was a Benz or BMW equivalent?
    2X or 3X???  Okay, maybe 1.5X…

  • EdG replied to the topic What is Lean? in the forum General 14 years, 9 months ago

    Merriam – Webster says:
    Main Entry: 3lean
    Function: adjective
    1 a: lacking or deficient in flesh
    1 b: containing little or no fat
    2: lacking richness, sufficiency, or productiveness
    3: deficient in an essential or important quality or ingredient
    Personally I like #2 or #3; lacking productiveness or deficient in an impor…[Read more]

  • EdG replied to the topic Mission/Vision Statement in the forum General 15 years, 1 month ago

    Toyota is using a fairly short one.
    Innovation into the Future – A Passion to Create a Better Society

    Through “Monozukuri – manufacturing of value – added products” and “technological innovation,” Toyota is helping to create a more prosperous society.

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