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    Well Deep, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I’m not sure when you may have been trained by the Academy, but the people I’ve spoken with were very pleased. Mainly because the MBB truly cared about the people in the class learning and applying it to solve real business problems.
    What consultancy do you like ? What was it about that…[Read more]

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    I’ve heard Six Sigma Academy is good. Some people I know went through their BB and MBB training and learned alot. I’ve also heard their full scale deployments have worked very well.

  • thanks in advance
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  • 1. test results for two different samples
    2.sometime normally ,sometime nou-normally
    3. they are independent.

  • Background:   We evaluate the new process. so we got the two columns data, one is current ,one is for new process. If  there are no signification difference ,well, we think the new process is OK. So we should compare!
    Q—–could you tell me detailed?

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    Respected Sir / Madam,
                       I am Edwin Vasantha Kumar. I have Completed MCA at St.Peter’s
    Engineering College. As I came to know that there are vacancies in your organization,
    I here by submit my education qualification and personal profile detail for your
    kind consideration. So I kindly request you to verify the same and reque…[Read more]

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    Hello All,
    back to sqe problem, i believe that setting ppm goal can be set internally above the customer requirements. Setting must have basis particularly the  supplier or factory capability. But the real problem is how to improve the 2% defect for every 50 finished units. I am sure this is a lot more in poduction floor from wave soldering p…[Read more]

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    I totally agree. In general you can say that it is hard to quantify the benefits of lead-time reduction. In the calculation that Dave showed us the weakness is the assumption that lead-time reduction will automatically increase revenue.

  • My experience with a major compressor manufacturer is the following
    1) start with a value analysis
    2) do a bottle neck analysis
    3) implement process capabilitie measurements at those bottlenecks that add the most value
    4) Implement an improvement plan for the bottlenecks defined in step 2 and 3
    5) Repeat 3 and 4 for the next lvel of…[Read more]

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    “Which company is better to certify?”
    What are your CTQs?