• …Think I will have “employee” on my business card after my name.

    Probably good to hide behind when the alpa-risk kicks in and I do an incorrect judgment…
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  • Stan wrote:


    Are you a professional wrestler?

    If not, why do you post a picture that looks like one?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    I just happens to look that way :lol:

    1/3 BB
    1/3 Biker
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  • All capability indexes are estimations, it should really be written as for example “Cpk-hat”.
    Consider that both mean and StDev has an uncertainty it is quite intuitive to understand that the Cpk, Ppk or whatever is not a single true number.

    There are some estimators for confidence intervals in the literature, but if you are using the MiniTab…[Read more]

  • There are one defect anyway ;) (dfdsbfss reported to moderator) 9 years, 9 months ago

  • Thanks for the answers and inputs! =)

    I will contact MTB on this topic if comes to that point, good to know that it has been done.
    And also as Robert points out, it’s mostly how the data is imported and exported.

    The question popped when we talked about inserting graphs in reports, is it ok to use copy/paste from MTB in to a report? (Risk…[Read more]

  • ok :ohmy: not as straight forward as I hoped for then… O well, I’m always glad for new books anyway =)

    Thanks a lot for your answer, life is always easier with an direction ;-)


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  • Hi and thanks!

    You are probably right, that formula is accurate enough to prove my point about Cpk-hat.
    And I also agree on lower limit being the point of most interest.
    For the upper limit, the most practical reason for that might be:
    “Ok, so your process might be as bad as the lower limit, on the other hand I can be as good ass the…[Read more]

  • Thanks a lot!
    So there are probably non direct commands then?
    O well, This will do the work also.

  • Yes, thats for the population mean,
    What I am looking for if there is a comand/function to calculate CI for the StDev (sigma)?