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Alley Pierre


If a person wanted to achieve success, one of the underlying secrets is being an open vessel for learning. Since there are things that cannot be learned in a snap, patience and perseverance counts. Alley Peirre is an Internet marketer for Jafrum International Inc. She is die-hard fan for big bikes like Harley-Davidson, and a self-confessed motorcycle miniature collector. Working with Jafrum is an experience of a lifetime for Alley, since she was able to get a career where her heart is dear.

Though motorcycle is dominated by men’s world, Alley do not feel any inferiority that she is a woman. Motorcycle riding for her is not simply a hobby, but a liberating experience that she enjoys the most. She learned riding a big-bike when she was 15, where she started struggling to learn more about its craft. Her biggest dream is to meet her MotoGP idol Jorge Lorenzo, one of the top racers of the Yamaha Team.

Interesting Information About Alley’s Employer

Jafrum International Inc. is a company for motorcycle gears and accessories. It offers high quality motorcycle products which are useful for travel and moto-crossing competitions like icon helmets, and icon motorcycle gloves for Men which comes in leather, textile, and mesh to accommodate whatever weather you may be riding in while offering protecting and grip while on your bike. United States has a very strict laws motorcycle safety and wearing helmets certified by DOT is a must to ensure road safety for thousands of motorcycle riders across different states.

To meet top quality and customer satisfaction, present trusted names in motorcycle products industry including AFX, Detour, Bell, Icon, Harley-Davidson, Thor, Shoei, Tour Master, and many more to provide riders with variety of great selections for a more enjoyable ride.

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