• The one that helps you learn most or are you looking for one that you can recommend to your “employers”. If its for you, rephrase your question !

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    Do remember that COPQ benchmarks like most other perfomance measures are not static. You should look at what within your organisation is an area that contributes to most, work on it and move further ahead. You may be in an industry or at a level where you could be better than the (say) best in class, you still nead to work further ahead. Sorry if…[Read more]

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    Well “Dog”s generally bark but say very less…
    This is supposed to be a helpful forum. If some of you feel very offended to read very basic or elementary questions, kindly ignore them, you need not respond to every posting. Kindly post if you have an answer or you are willing to give one.

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    If you want to take up the project, go ahead nothing like it, if you are under fire to do something about it…
    Try double data entry, Validations in entry fields, attention grabbing stunts in fields where most of the errors happen etc..

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    If you are asking for the “business card”, you should consider what is more cost effective for you as far as market appeal, ASQ has it.
    But when the charm of flaunting your business card wears out what will matter most is how much you can apply and practical knowledge and the dirt you have gathered helps. Dont forget to keep that in mind.

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    If you were thristy and you wanted something to quench your thirst, and you had water, juice or beer in ur fridge, the outcome of your behaviour would be quite different than if all you had was some water…. hope you’r with me till now.
    Whats your degree of freedom in the latter scenario…none you drink water. But in the former scenario.. you v…[Read more]