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    I am also a GE employee, and it sounds to me like the GE employee that originated this discussion had a very bad personal experience.  It is very unfortunate.   I have seen first hand his type of attitude many times already, and he is probably right that there are many in GE that do not believe in the methodology.  To that I have to say the follo…[Read more]

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    My first though would be internal and external VOC on where the business needs to imporve as the first step.
    VOC at the leadership level first will probably give you some of the big “Ys” of the company and some prioritization of goals; then then VOC at the individual contributor will give you the small “y’s” and they should align as components…[Read more]

  • Many of the suppliers and customers of GE, or any of the other companies that use Six Sigma., may be interrested in initiating Six Sigma Initiatives.  Specially suppliers that might want to gain an edge when bidding to provide their services.  Just an idea.

  • A few months ago Bill Jones from Warren Rupp, Inc, offered to provide a Project Selection Decision Matrix.  You can email him at
    [email protected] to request a copy of it.  I found it could be very useful  when trying ot prioritize possible projects if you have a big list of projects pending to be assigned resources.  Its weakness is that …[Read more]

  • SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound.  Would be the first thing to mind when selecting a GB Project.  The next thing that I would look for is the relevance of the problem for the GB and his/hers manager (Champion).  I have seen many projects die a slow death just because it was not relevant to their pers…[Read more]