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    OMG!  LOL!  Seriously?
    First of all, I prefer to give folks the benefit of the doubt.  If he is genuinely a manufacturer who needs some help (which is a possibility based on the way the question is asked) and I have the ability to help the guy out with minimal effort, then I’m happy to do so.
    Secondly, even if he is a student who is st…[Read more]

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    You’ll probably get a lot of answers, because I’ve seen people calculate it a number of different ways.
    If it was me, though, I’d use 8 hours minus lunch as net-available.
    My reasoning is that lunch is lunch.  This is time that the machine is scheduled to be down.  Do you ever run the machine during lunch?  Do you have “relievers”? If so, th…[Read more]

  • Keep in mind that I’m talking best-case, utopia kind of stuff.  As for current state, sometimes I wonder if the just the fact that we are employing “full-time problem solvers” is why we see the gains, regardless of what methods they use.  (Ok, maybe I won’t go that far, but you see what I’m getting at…)
    I just got into a rather heated d…[Read more]

  • Incidently, I’ve often thought that a group % savings wouldn’t be a bad plan.  The Six Sigma group has a given savings task, and they receive a percentage of the excess, which is divided up evenly between them (maybe even them and Green Belts, team members, etc.)  Also, the bonus could be tied to some metrics other than “hard savings”, such as c…[Read more]

  • In my experience, the problem isn’t getting the number, it’s the “complexities” associated with the principle.
    Example:  My project is really complex but the hard savings is limited (say, a low DPMO defect that the customer is particularly hacked off about).  My counterpart’s project is a pretty simple, but has huge cost savings associated with i…[Read more]

  • I concur.
    Furthermore, it was always my perception that having “full-time” Black Belts was, in theory, supposed to be a short-term deal.  I think that the ultimate goal was to have everyone within an organization trained in Six Sigma techniques so that they could apply them to their everyday tasks.  I think that is why so many companies have th…[Read more]

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    I must admit that Darth’s comment was not of the particularly scathing variety to which I was referring with the “slammed and insulted” statement.  He just happened to be the one who most accurately summarized the topic at hand, and therefore became the topic of the “I think that is his point” aspect of the reply.
    As to my alleged sensitivity[Read more]

  • John,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I believe that the use of the other tests would have prevented this problem.  I have tried to envision a number of different ways in which this could have transpired, how the data would have looked and such, and I do not see a possible way that autorecalc would have caused this problem, if the proper analysis was…[Read more]

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    I don’t, but it’s a cool idea.
    Schools probably don’t have enough money to pay Six Sigma consultants, though :).

  • Interesting.  I have a bunch of questions, just because I’m curious…
    Was it an automated SPC system?
    Was there an actual person looking at the data, or was it all recorded, analyzed, and controlled by the equipment?
    Were they recalculating using all of the points, or did the calculations only look at the last x number of subgroups?
    Did the…[Read more]

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    I think that was his point…that’s why he’s asking for insight.
    But instead, he got slammed and insulted.
    Unfortunate, but not terribly surprising.

  • Fair to whom?  I don’t really understand that argument…since when is math interested in “fair”?
    At any rate, the only point I was trying to make is that ultimately it shouldn’t matter.  If you process becomes unstable, you’ll know it.  It may not be because a point falls outside of the control limits, but you can still, using the other tests av…[Read more]

  • Ken,
    Thanks for expanding my thought…I agree, but didn’t express the thought quite as well as I should have in my ramblings :).

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    Ok, one thing that I know for sure is that if I want to measure something to make good decisions about it, one of the first steps is to validate my ability to measure it, right?
    How about this:
    Why don’t you and I create a pile of capability data with the random number generator in Minitab.  Then, we distribute the collection of data to a…[Read more]

  • Based on my understanding of control charts, recalculating your control limits perpetually is not a bad thing.  You want your control limits to be based on the data you gather from your process.  Even if you are continuously recalculating, truly out of control points will still be identified as such (particularly if you use the whole battery of t…[Read more]

  • I usually try to dissuade people from tying realized savings to compensation, whether it’s an outside consultant or an internal employee.  I’ve never seen it end well.

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    If you are completely new to this “Six Sigma stuff”, I would recommend a book called “What is Six Sigma?” by Pande and Holpp.  It’s cheap, it’s a quick, easy read, it’s readily available (just about every bookstore I frequent usually has a copy on the shelf) and I think it paints a pretty good picture of what this stuff is all about.
    By the way,…[Read more]

  • I concur with Ken.
    In fact, I think that this is an example of one of the biggest problems that faces industry in general, and is one of the toughest concepts for new Black Belts to grasp:
    Does my Y really reflect my problem?
    What are you trying to learn about your process?  What the lead time is?  Which of your products causes the largest p…[Read more]

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    The more I read these posts and realize how confused the majority of people are when it comes to calculating Z-scores, taking shifts into account, etc., I begin to question the validity and usefulness of Z-scores at all (collective *gasp* from the Six Sigma world).
    It seems to me that so many people use these measures improperly or don’t…[Read more]

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    Exactly my point…statistics says that the Sigma score is 2.33, but because the Six Sigma calculator assumes that you are using “long-term” data, it automatically applies the 1.5S shift.  But, if I want to know what the capability of the process was in that short span (my 1000 pieces), I have to remove the shift (set the shift in advanced mode[Read more]

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