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  • Is this the sort of thing you were after?
    Excel spreadsheet with a graphical representation of target, ucl, lcl, distribution curves for standard curve, shifted curve, short and long term std dev, the one-tail equivalent curve, and all the figures for DPMO, Cp Cpk Pp Ppk and Process Sigma.
    Complete with sliders for all the key values, so…[Read more]

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    I confidently expect that TRIZ will extend the next generation Six Sigma and will underpin a new paradigm of innovation and creativity in our problem solving. Since TRIZ comes from a study of patents, most of the work remains centred on technology and physical things, although many TRIZ experts are extending the use of the tools and techniques to…[Read more]

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    I have loaded the entire classic 39×39 contradiction matrix into an Excel spreadsheet, with automated lookup. You just select the two parameters and it will show you the list of IPs. The spreadsheet is available for download for free from my web site (it was a labor of love typing it all…[Read more]

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    TRIZ is a powerful approach to finding and solving contradictions, and often the Β‘hardΒ’ part is in finding and shaping the contradictions in the first place. Contradictions come in two forms Β– as a pair of engineering parameters where one gets worse as the other gets better (such as size and weight), or as a single parameter which would ideally be…[Read more]

  • Glen
    Thank you for your positive and encouraging response! I am familiar with the traditional book publishing route, and you are certainly right that e-commerce allows far more than traditional merchandising does. I can write and publish in months, not years, and sell a book to someone on the other side of the world in just minutes, and I now…[Read more]

  • Identifying a root cause of process failure is not the same as blaming it.
    Distance selling relies on the customer driving the process, and success or failure is often down to understanding or a lack of it. Ultimately there is a limitation in any service process due to incorrect participation by the customer. The design of everyday things by…[Read more]

  • … Interesting – first time that has happend when posting a message!
    E-commerce is a new venture for many, but ‘distance selling’ brings a whole new set of issues and problems in regard to service. I started with the e-shop end, and selected one that meets the tax requirements for VAT in Europe (we have complicated rules here, and if I break…[Read more]

  • nkkhoo
    I am an e-merchant, and I provide 24 hour response with a fully accredited and secure credit card payment gateway. I am also a Six Sigma consultant, and my issue is with your original comment that such people always overlook six sigma quality customer service. I take customer service very seriously, but there are fundamental limits to just…[Read more]

  • While I can not and will not excuse any failure of service you may have experienced from myself or others, I am unable to accept your comment that “Six Sigma experts always overlook six sigma quality customer service in their own services”.
    Many people in the Six Sigma domain would like to provide excellent service but are hampered by fundamental…[Read more]

  • Design for Six Sigma: Launching New Products and Services Without Failure
    Gower / Geoff Tennant (February 2002)
    The issue of ‘failure’ in design is covered in chapter 2, and FMEA is covered in chapter 8 – “…the application of the FMEA tool should be wide-ranging and used often and throughout the project.” (although it can be difficult to…[Read more]

  • I have a GE Capital background, and naturally associate DFSS with the DMADV methodology, slanted towards service/process design. I did experience resistance from teams over the naming of Measure and Analyze, and I therefore like to use DCCDI – Define, Customer, Concept, Design, and Implement. [Verify sits in with Design, and Implement becomes an…[Read more]

  • Design For Six Sigma Β– DFSS Β– naturally evolves from Six Sigma process improvement, and many companies with more than 2 or 3 years experience with Six Sigma have moved on to using DFSS to design new products.The company that has probably done more than any other in applying and using Six Sigma in a service/transactional environment is GE C…[Read more]