• Just wanted to thank everyone for their different viewpoints here.  It gives me and my greenbelts a lot of fuel to think this through.  I am so glad there is a knowledge bank like this to tap into when we need it.  thanks again!

  • Thank you!!
    This might just be an option,  as we take 30 readings accross the part.  I could average the reading at spot #1,  for instance,  and so on.
    I will look into this option .  – Thank you for your help.

  • Thanks,  everyone.
    The problem is I can’t break the data up any further.   The measurements were taken with a micrometer,  and the data collected over months.
    My guess is the micrometer should be one digit more distinct to accomodate the variation.   since this is historical data,  I don’t have that option. 
    What I really want to know is,  if…[Read more]

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    Thanks,  Dave,  for the fun response to what could be a dull question!!
    And I also appreciate the simple,  easy-to-remember phrase from Anonymous “If the p-value’s low, the null’s got to go!”   I learn a new thing to teach every time I go on this website!

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    Good answers from everyone.
    The only thing I would add is an explanation of sample sizel.
    The sample size calculation that you will do in minitab (if that is the software you use)  will identify the minimum sample size you need.  If the sample size required shows “60”,  you need at least 60 samples before,  and at least 60 after.
    One more thi…[Read more]

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    Sounds like you have a hit on your hands!
    If you wouldn’t mind forwarding directions to me as well.  I struggle for a good start-to-finish application for champion training.
    [email protected]

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    I think we’ll still see messages like this from employees who do not have strong support all the way up and down the organization.
    If management believes in it,  they demand data-driven answers and root-cause fixes.  They also believe in the power of shop-floor involvement.  I have seen people on the shop floor who think it is BS,  and that neg…[Read more]

  • I have seen it successfully implemented at GE.  There is no “contract”  any more than for any other position.  If you perform an outstanding job,  within 2 years you will be assigned to a different role where you can use your Six Sigma tools to drive the improvement process in your new area.
    The goal is to ultimately have people who live by dat…[Read more]

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    It is nice to see so many replies of support to this message.  I wonder how many others are reading these saying “that’s me!”
    I have seen similar situations,  and found a few things that will help.
    1. If you can’t get support from your MBB,  get it from other BB’s that might be able to mentor you.  IF they do,  GIVE THEM PLENTY OF ACCO…[Read more]

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    If you look at the Normal Probability tables (which show long term data),  you will see that at at 3.4 defects per million,  you will find a level of 4.5 sigma.
    There is a general rule that the “shift” in sigma level from long term to short term is 1.5.
    Therefore,  if you see long-term sigma of 4.5,  the short-term level (we call it “en…[Read more]

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    That depends on what you mean by “good”.
    If you mean sufficient sample size,  there are several calculations that might be appropriate (depending on what you are doing with the sample. If you have minitab,  use the Stat/Power and Sample size menu for your appropriate use)

  • I have found that simply starting the meeting on time works well. Although I typically tell team members or staff members that at the first meeting and of course, have to follow up on what I said. After a while you become known as one who starts meetings promptly. The first few times may be a bit difficult, but most of the time it is effective.