• I am certified BB in manufacturing company with manufacturing degree and experience. I would like to get into healthcare (hospitals etc) as a BB but not sure of the difficulty level, if any. Company I work for is extensively into SS andI had to complete 2 projects with certain financial savings and proof. So this is an excellent program and…[Read more]

  • Are you talking about sample size? For example to determine the sample size to detect a specific dimension with a certain % confidence? You need

  • Arn’t you clever…oh yes you are…now reread your post and update with some additional builds to support your argument.

  • I’m curious, MBB Dude, what % of time do you expect your “A” players to spend drumming up projects out of reluctant process owners, or do you always have a full hopper? Where I work, it is expected that the BB will get their own projects by being a pain in the neck to managers until they agree to charter a project. Do you think BB’s are supposed…[Read more]

  • I have found the discussion a bit entertaining but not very enlightening.  As a former student of Darth, I can say that in the over 12 years I have worked in the process improvement field I have never had a better instructor.  I think it is great to have different sources of materials however when it comes to testing and certification, I believe p…[Read more]

  • A better question to ask is not who has started to implement Six Sigma but who are Six Sigma organizations – can I count them on my hands?  Coming from automotive, I can say a lot of the companies listed (including Ford and Visteon) are a very long way from that achievement.  That’s the list I want to see.

  • Buried in the previous replies (and your own admission) is the brutal reality of the problem.  You have implemented and are guiding I process for which you are not appropriately trained and experienced.  Please don’t take this as a harsh criticism but an opportunity for reflection.  A SS effort without a TEAM of highly competent, complementary gro…[Read more]

  • The use of parametric control charts (p,np,c,u) require that certain distributional assumptions be met.  It is often more accurate (and better for the detection of process changes) to convert discrete data into defect rates which is suitable for ImR and XmR charts.
    Regarding sample size – Gabriel is correct in that it depends on the existing d…[Read more]