• I would like to make the team, because working with six sigma and I think this exchange interesting in sharing ideas and opinions. In this topic I expressed importance of defining the best use of capability indices, on condition that we use and when. Thank you for the opportunity and I am available group 10 years, 7 months ago

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    I guess I’ll use the last six months, and try to improve the top 3 running dies that also have high scrap by the time they reach the packing department. Thanks for everyones help, like i said i’m very new to this. I’ll keep checkin back 

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    The scrap that I’ve identified is not planned scrap. Its defects like paint runs, dents, roughness. Its defects that happen as the extrusion carries to different departments. For instance, the press department might miss denting. Then it gets painted, thus adding that much more value to the part before getting scrapped. Am I still on the right…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the advice
    I’ve collected data and have determined what the high scrapping shapes are. I’ve kept track of what defects occur the most. So what you’re saying is, just stick with one shape or the top few, and try to improve them throughout the different processes (painting, anodizing fabricating)?  This might be something I can handle.

  • I know that there is a similar discussion on another forum. unfortunately I can’t post the name on this forum, for some reason it disappears.Anyway, goto this link and then goto the site that it mentions. Hope it helpsCharles T.

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  • Try allClear you should be able to find a demo on the wed.

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    I would look at some of the healthcare industries. I use some of my customers (i.e. hospitals, government agenies, patients, doctors …). When I quantify my metrixs I base my safety on my customers (above). Do you have any sightings? What is the emphasis of the project or the goal/problem of the project? Why do it? Someone started the project…[Read more]

  • I understand you thought is that the benefit of Yellow Belts is limited because of their training level. Do you think that the YB can give us a good return on the low hanging fruit. I do see the problem that the organization would have a vision to give all projects to the YB and adopt the idea, “why wait for the long BB project when I have quick…[Read more]

  • Are you using your CTQ’s as your metrics or are you implying more of a business metrics?

  • What is COPQ??

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    I agree with the 2 pts:   A data point (outliar) must be expalined… In term of forecasting, one must be able to expalin all the ins and outs of a warehouse transaction….that could register in a dataset being called upon to use in a firecasting model….
    With that said, does the data collection filter types of outliars which need t…[Read more]

  • I don’t see how the RTP can give you the process or subprocess specific tasks that are contributing to error rates. This RTP calculation appears to be an over all error rate and not a particular process step. If I have to collection information for my 337 process steps for this national project to understand the opportunities, I will never finish…[Read more]

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    Please add me to your list. I’m gathering information on deployment of SS and would like to understand more in depth the differences in quality programs.

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    We have a focus for our group that we are internal consultants for the organization. Therefore we look at returned business. If we work or lead a project for a certain Director or VP, we are evaluated by their request for more services. This of course has its draw backs.

  • Hi Nagendra,
    The problem in this field is due to absence of any standard method of training and certification, many professionals have become six sigma champions overnight. I have even heard of six sigma training offered over five days and you  become Six Sigma Black Belt !!!!. This is outrageous. Six sigma body of knowledge is very broad. So b…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    Could u tell me something more about ur cources in six sigma, do u conduct them in new delhi, when is the new batch begining, what is the fees?
    Deepak gupta

  • Why are these intervals inportant? How do you use them?

  • Try to measure Help Desk response time . Frequency of some requests, Mean and variances of response time give us important information about needed profylaxy in service.

  • Thanks for your information. In fact, what I am now measuring is the performance of inbound logistics performance, such as order fulfillment, production plan fulfillment etc.
    The problem is mainly about how to fix the calculation time basis of the indicators. Because here is mass production, so the planning mode is made to stock. Really, what is…[Read more]

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